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Roddy Piper and AJ Lee Comment on Piper’s Pit, Sheamus Storyline Update

– Roddy Piper wrote the following on Twitter after last night’s Piper’s Pit segment with Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee. Piper says he will see Bryan again:

“I’m a fighter. Been hit alot.Any PRO fighter doesn’t get away without scares. Difference between me and them, I will see Daniel Bryan again!”

“Piper’s Pit last night,a Pit of skill,control, getting best out of everyone.AJ, nervous,did great.Daniel’s YES’s turned to NO’s in 7 mins.”

AJ also commented on Piper’s Pit:

“As a lifelong WWE fan it was surreal & an honor to be on Piper’s Pit. I am so fortunate & grateful. Wish Daniel was more receptive though.”

– As seen on SmackDown last night, the storyline is that John Laurinaitis placed World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus on probation and fined him $500,000 for kicking referee Chad Patton last week. WWE is hyping it as the biggest fine in WWE history and has a new video up with Sheamus discussing the fine.

  • Davey Zoo

    Did the miz and r truth not get fined the same amount recentley?

  • rko

    Aj is cute & sexy.

  • Moo

    A.j is so cuuuuuuuute 🙂

  • kitkrock

    Anyone else feel like whenever they see AJ, they wanna lick her ass?

  • Jon-Jon

    The WWE’s entire purpose behind this fine was to sound ridiculous. It just makes Laryngitus sound even dumber and more over the top than he already is. Man, Johnny Ace is awesome lol.

  • chronoxiong

    I don’t think Sheamus has the money to pay that fine since I doubt he is one of the highest paid performers in the company. Lol…

  • shawn

    no more ref bashing for Sheamus. thats because hes going to be a bigger “face”. announcers aren’t refs!

  • nick

    to bad this segment wasnt backstage than ron simmons could have done his thing

  • Gorilla

    Aj much love on your comments from one lifelong fan to another and YES YES YES

  • Prince

    500k could possibly be Sheamus’ base salary per year. Never know. If not it’s a huge chunk of it. Really dumb to use that high of a number in kayfabe. Incredibly unrealistic.

  • Str0ldier

    lol @ $500K. Even Roger Goodell is like ‘damn!’