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Transcript Credit – Rolin Moe and PWInsider.com

Rowdy Roddy Piper was a guest on the Scott & BR Radio Show in San Diego (AM 1090) this morning. He mostly plugged his current comedy tour, but there were a few wrestling-related moments:

*When asked about the current crop of wrestlers, Hot Rod remarked how proud he was of this generation being able to tell good stories in a PG manner. “It’s very different from the business I started in, and that’s good for the kids,” he said.

*Piper subscribes to the 93,000 figure at Wrestlemania.

*Piper said he enjoys getting calls from the WWE to shoot angles, but at this point in his career wants to keep them memorable.

The announcers had not kept up with the product in years, and their questions focused on the Hogan/Andre/Ric Flair types. But Hot Rod was quite gracious and thanked all of his fans (five generations worth, he said) for letting him entertain.

A good little interview that is up on the XX 1090 Website.

  • Valo487

    Ooh, what a burn. It’s a shame you spent all your recess time thinking up that one.

  • KillaKills68

    Go suck on my piper jabronies

  • jd

    and cleary YOU CARED TO READ THE LINK…moron

  • Valo487

    Apparently someone does enough to interview him. You fail logic forever.

  • KillaKills68

    @ CC my point that piper is old and no one cares what he has to say…

  • Dom

    i love the divas and im not a kid oh wait are you gay sorry :/

  • CC

    @KillaKills68, and you are a moron … what is your point?

  • Starship Pain

    Good for the kids, yeah… But the kids love John “I S.uck at comedy” Cena and they love “Divas”… We love real wrestling… We love guys like Piper who were great at the mic and in the ring, not today’s clowns…

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com sukit

    killa/ you are an a**hole for even saying something as stupid and degrading as that about Piper. The old school guys are the ones that paved the way for the young guys .

  • Valo487

    I know, how dare he have something positive to say!! We need more negativity, we sure don’t have enough of that….

  • KillaKills68

    Piper is a old out spoken pieice of sh*+

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