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Roddy Piper Slams Linda McMahon For Spending $90 Million To Lose Two Elections

Linda McMahon, former president and CEO of WWE, failed in her bid for a Senate seat in Connecticut, losing to Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy on Tuesday. This follows her 2010 loss to Richard Blumenthal in the race for the state’s other seat in the Senate.

The total cost of losing two elections has ranged from $90 to $97 million, according to estimates. McMahon spent $50 million of her personal fortune in her failed 2010 campaign, and is believed to have spent $40 to $47 million the second time around. Between both campaigns, McMahon has now spent a cumulative total of over $90 million in pursuit of federal office. That is more than any other American in history.

WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, who worked under the employ of McMahon, criticized her exorbitant spending on two failed Senate campaigns in a series of Twitter messages Wednesday. After asking his followers whether McMahon won her race, he wrote, “Can spend 90 million on a losing election but won’t give the people that earned that money for them medical or retirement help of any kind!”

Piper then re-tweeted a message comparing her failed Senate campaigns to another McMahon family outside-the-ring venture that went bust; the World Bodybuilding Federation: “It’s like the WBF all over again; money spent on alternate endeavors earned from the blood & sweat of the boys.”

Continuing to stick up for “the boys,” while also corroborating a rumor that mid-level WWE talent had to cover their hotel and travel expenses during WrestleMania XXVIII week in Miami, Florida despite the sports-entertainment organization generating a record-breaking $102.7 million in economic impact for Miami-Dade County, he also re-tweeted, “They can spend 90 mill on elections but still make midcarders pay their and their family own way for wrestlemania. crazy.”

  • Andrew

    One word comes to mind when I think Pro Wrestling…. UNIONIZATION!!!

  • Devil_Rising

    Roddy is awesome.

    And the McMahon family are a perfect example of how ingrate filthy rich Republicans simply don’t know how to do anything other than horde money.

  • luckysalt

    Pipers still pissed they didn’t get back to him on his Drew idea and instead they’ve wasted him in 3MB

    Pipers right in everything hes said

  • Zedd

    The PG “Golden Era” was boring as Hell and so is this PG Era. the only time WWE has ever been entertaining was when Vince had to do something drastic to survive in the Monday night wars. Once Vince steps down and Trips takes over I hope he does the right thing and gets rid of this Disney channel bullshit.

  • eric

    I watch wwe every week. diehard loyal fan. would love edger product. as wwe was giving us older fans all way up till 2008. wwe has net lost over 500million last 2 yrs. why not sneak in go edgy go back not attitude era. but ruthless agression era. ruthless agression era with hhh evoultion, divas trish lita victoria, tag teams billy and chuck, dudleys, 3min warning, mnm, london and kendrick, brock lesnar as wwe champion face of wwe. if wwe go back to ruthless agression era. that would be cool!

  • eric

    attitude era is over. i love it as much as next guy. but it is over. wwe has no competion. if we all remember. what cause attitude era in wwe. in first place. was because vince and wwe were losing alot cash. getting owned in ratings by wcw. because of rise of heel hogan and nwo faction. than after 2 yrs of losing to wcw. wwe started it’s attitude era in 1998 after wrestlemaina14 than rise of austin, the rock, hbk’s dx, mick foley are reason wcw went under. because nwo got old and stale after a while. tna is decent at this moment. but is no competion. something else to watch during week. untill tna starts really taking off. in ratings and in attendance in arenas. than and only than will vince drop pg. start turing it up every night. the main problem is lack competion. vince and wwe is at is best when they have there backs aganst wall. have true competion.competion is good for pro wrestling/sports-entertainment business. wwe lacks competion.

  • mtlhitman

    We could have a new attitude era without having wrestlers droping title every months to each others and now they have the drug testing with suspention…Attitude era = course language,not pg,blood,wrestlers doing more stunts,use of alcool,match where the crowd is more wild because back then u could notice the differance these days half dont understand what the wrestlers said or meant since it’s’25% kids in the crowd and yes its old school but i still believe wwe should have the saturday morning and some youtube show pg and raw and smackdown and ppv 14+ could work and hell yeah they need to stop trying going far from the wrestling world wwe is great screw senate seat or xfl lol

  • Lord KGM

    Damnit be real! The attitude era is done. Much to my schgrin because that era of wrestling was watered down by extreme and over the top storylines. The WWE and World belts are still suffering from the attitude era’s abused of switching champions like underwear. Then the attitude era made an undisputed champion just to bring the separate entity idea to life when it was going to change to PG programming because of a legal dispute between WWF (at the time) and the World Wildlife Funding (if Im not mistaken.) They won the battle, therefore ending the WWF era and the attitude era to begin with. Back to the important message, Linda McMahon deserves to lose, not because of the way she treated employees or the money she spent to win. Its because she tried lying and covering up her past instead of owning up to the physical and degrading nature that was the WWF. I believe if she would have acknownledged it and shown the progress of the WWE’s movement toward making the company better as far as their “contractors” go, then this race would be hers to own. Spending 90-97 million in a position of crisis though, isn’t going to help her chances of re-electing for a Senate seat. That crisis is called the WWE sells and annual production, which has decreased every year over the past 5 years. I dont believe its because people want the attitude era seeing how most WWE fans werent even old enough to remember the era.I believe it has more to do with new and fresh ideas, word on all these sites, WWE was “supposed” to push talents like Del Rio, Punk, Kingston, Ziggler, etc. Lately, they have pushed 2 guys that are new and left the others to fry in the depths of mid-card hell. Their writing needs extensive help and Linda can run for Senate while the WWE strives but they dont want to hire anyone without certain qualifications. Thats why Im going back to school so I can hopefully change a programming back to an interesting programming once again. Peace Lord KGM

  • stockshark28

    So true what a smack in the face all the wrestlers out their!

  • My Morning Jacket

    DAMN! Wish I had $90 million.

  • D2K

    @Tim: We’ve been asking them to ‘stick to wrestling’ since the Attitude Era ended to no avail. It seems like they are on a life mission to do the EXACT opposite of what they should be doing. You can add WWE Network to that failure list as well.

  • Tim

    Wait…the McMahons love to waste money? Stick to wrestling. Senate campaigns: failed, WBF: failed, XFL: failed.

  • D2K

    Piper has publicly owned WWE numerous times in the past and it hasn’t affected much of anything. When it is convenient for ‘them’ he’ll on TV just like always.

  • Bawb

    Piper, why would you open your mouth on obvious notions…? We know that the McMahons were dumb and we’re glad she didn’t win…but now we’ll most likely never see you in WWE ever again, which sucks.

  • Stevie P

    Men on a Mission,

    It was her own money. Ok, now that Linda has lost twice, can we please get a little edgier? I’m not really saying Attitude Era, but come on at least WCW PG stuff.

  • Men on a Mission

    I wonder how much, if any, of that money was contributions that were raised for the campaign, or if it was truly all her own?

    Piper has some good points. They make these guys keep the title of
    “contractor” and not employee so they don’t have to insure them.

  • Alan Wake

    And now we’ll never see Piper back in WWE. Thanks Linda for wasting money and having legends slam you.