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Roddy Piper Talks Recent Piper’s Pit w/Cena, the “Rib” that Cost him his Job & more


  • Greg

    Rowdy Roddy is a true legend of the sport. One of the smartest minds in the business. How is he not a writer for wwe??

  • venom

    It’s a shame Piper never won the WWE title.

  • poko

    Wow, that was interesting. Listening to stories from guys like this, and what they’ve gone though, really contrasts with some of the WWE’s hand-picked talent. Piper got beat up, stabbed, and sabotaged instead of coddled, which is why he became “Rowdy Roddy”. His comment about too many modern performers wrestling with their head instead of their heart is so true, and why I think a lot of wrestlers are kind of boring to watch, even when they are actually decent workers skill-wise. That comment started regarding Cena, and I agree with that as well. Cena always looks like he’s getting ready for the next spot instead of reacting as a fighter, and I think a lot of the fans can sense that.

  • VenomEX

    why are we not making movies about piper’s life?

  • rko

    Piper is the f’n man.