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Roddy Piper Talks One More Run and Piper’s Pit with The Rock & John Cena

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper spoke with The Miami Herald this week and says he will be at WrestleMania 28 from Miami. Here are some highlights:

Piper’s Pit with The Rock and John Cena:
“My point with this Piper’s Pit with Cena and The Rock is it would get huge ratings. It would help WrestleMania 28 itself, but more than that, with the exception of me who started 14 years before the WWE, everyone in that ring has been made by wrestling. There is no outside interference.”

“Why Cena and The Rock? Well, you can bring things they’ve done outside our industry back into our industry during the Pit. It’s a statement I’m looking for. The statement is WWE is right up there with every other entertainment group in the world or better. That is the statement I would like to come out of that Piper’s Pit. It’s not for me. I have had a lot of Piper’s Pits. I look at the roster, and I can really make that roll.”

Having one more run in him:
“I feel like I have one really great one left in me. What I would do is to go back and fight for the title, whoever it is. I’ve held the tags, but I’ve never held the WWE championship.”

“That is actually something I’m proud of. People get titles to get over. I don’t need no stinkin’ badge. I never aspired for it. When I was 19, I won the NWA light heavyweight championship and 30 some other titles. So after all those kinds of accomplishments, I was in it for the business even though they try to make a big thing about it.”

“So you’ve won it 10 times, Woo Hoo. Some guys won it 10 times. Some guys won it 12. Come on, I don’t need no stinkin’ badge. Just put me in there, and I get the job done. If I were to come back for one it would be just to face the champion or Vince McMahon.”

  • Maltese

    ^^ Dolph Ziggler isn’t over? wtf are you watching?

  • venom

    Piper is right about this. Because look as an example Ziggler was handed over the World title in the beginning of 2011 and lost that night. He’s not over yet. Even with him being called a former world heavyweight champion doesn’t get him over.

  • Second City Saints

    i wouldnt mind seeing piper with the wwe championship even if its like a short run he deserves the championship

  • joe

    piper is one the old school greats that never got to win the wwe championship back in the day

  • Seth

    If you’ve won it 10 times it just means you’ve lost it at least 9 times.