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Former ROH Tag Team Champs Receive WWE Tryout, SummerSlam Commercial

— Former ROH World Tag Team Champions Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli were on hand for this week’s WWE television tapings in New York and Rhode Island. Both worked out in the ring in front of officials before each show.

Castagnoli signed a developmental contract with WWE in November 2006 but was released a short while later for reasons that have yet to be publicly disclosed.

— WWE has released a commercial ad promoting SummerSlam, which takes place August 14, 2011 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. It is branded as “The Biggest Event of the Summer.”

The commercial features The Miz, Chris Masters, John Morrison, Kofi Kingston, Eve Torres, Alicia Fox and The Bella Twins emerging from the ocean and scurrying to a beach house to watch SummerSlam.

The commercial is available here.

Damage starring Steve Austin airs tonight on Spike TV at 11:00 p.m.


  • RCA

    I guess the Kings of Wrestling would fit into the WWE, they’re wrestling is not over the top in any way and the WWE needs good tag teams in a bad way. I would just love to see the Kings stick around in ROH though.

  • Logan

    Bout time. Chris Hero and Claudio are two of the best in the industry. Kings Fuckin Reign Supreme

  • Appocalypse

    Its about time Chris Hero got a break.

  • Steve

    That’s funny because that’s all they’ll be doing….. watching Summerslam from a beach house!

  • lew

    did anyone see austin aries on impact yesterday he was in one of the best matches i seen in tna in a while i bring this because the kings of wrestling reminded me of this

  • JIR

    perfect chance to bring back tag team I mean tag team entertainment anyway K O W

  • Sipeli

    Yeah i have no idea how these guys havent been picked up ESPECIALLY Claudio. Personally i prefer Hero out of the two, but Claudio just has everything that the WWE is looking for.

    These guys have decent builds? Claudio is Jakked Heavy man!!
    Il give you Hero though… 🙂

  • Camille

    Wow, Chris Hero? Interesting.

  • Logan


  • bugeyes

    ‘The biggest event of the summer’
    No doubt it will be the worst event of the summer.
    Hope sack rider gets on the card

  • Bill

    That means Masters won’t get released!

  • scooter

    hard to believe its taken this long for the wwe to pick up on these guys as their both 6’5 both got decent builds and both can actually entertain as well as put on a great match especially chris hero who’s old superhero gimmick was awesome. however to be fair claudio’s probably got the better moveset in terms of the wwe style out the two as I feel a lot of what hero does he does just to show he can do it all which isn’t really what the wwe want. and naturally claudio has the edge of being swiss allowing him to get heat easily by playing the “evil foreigner”

  • CC

    Interesting that the report says that Castagnoli’s release from WWE wasnt disclosed as I remember it being reported (possibly even on here) that the reason he was released was due to visa issues (either he lacked one, it had expired or it was the wrong sort).

  • Snark Mark

    Kings Reign Supreme