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ROH’s Kenny King on TNA Tonight?, a ROH news site, is reporting that the All Night Express stable’s Kenny King’s contract recently expired, and he will allegedly be on TNA IMPACT WRESTLING tonight. No word on his role with the company or if he is even going to show up on tonight’s show. To add on to this, Kenny recently tweeted a coded update on Twitter regarding change. It can also be added that he is the ROH Tag Team Champion, so it will be truly amazing to see what will come out of this. Only time will tell on this breaking situation. Also, Kenny is a former TNA superstar, so it wouldn’t be too surprising to see him on the show tonight in the X Division Title Tournament.

Here are the tweets Kenny has posted to the time of this post (@KennyKingpinANX):

“Watch the skies…… Change, she is a coming.” (9 hours ago – from time of post)

“And heeeeeere we go…..” (41 minutes ago – from time of post)

“Trending world-wide on Twitter? Awwwww n***a.” (15 minutes ago – from time of post)

  • Logan

    He’s came a long way. I remember watching him on Tough Enough when I was in middle school. Wish him all the best.

  • SYM

    Kenny King has some great flow man. His style is amazing. He can be something big in TNA.