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More on the ROH-WWE Reports, Mick Foley Updates, ECW Title Being Brought Back

– Billy Corgan’s Resistance Pro Wrestling group is doing an angle where Rhino is bringing back the original Heavyweight Title from the original ECW. Rhino, the last ECW Champion, will be bringing the belt out of retirement and defending it against Resistance Pro Champion David Hart Smith on March 23rd in Chicago.

– PWInsider reports that there were never WWE contract offers made to Ring of Honor stars Adam Cole and The Briscoe Brothers, despite what has been reported this past week. While WWE has expressed interest in all three talents over the past year, no official offer has been made. ROH posted the following photo mocking the reports of ROH blocking the talents from signing with WWE:

– Mick Foley is finishing up his current comedy tour in the UK and filmed some of it. Foley teased that it may be released on DVD in the future but he will definitely be posting some clips on his official website. Foley wrote on Twitter that he doesn’t know if he’s booked for WrestleMania 28 yet but will be appearing at Axxess on Saturday and may be doing a comedy show on Friday night before WrestleMania.

  • hey can wrestling edge please have a section on roh please

  • b c Mitchell

    Three semesters studying copyright law tell me Vince did have a leg to stand on so fuck you Jason. As in most legal cases a simple yet sternly worded cease and desist order probably did the trick so it was pointless to go any further with a case. When WWE purchased ECW it purchased all rights to the intellectual properties that includes the video libraries and title names and lineages. The physical belt can be shown but not referenced as the ECW world title without WWEs consent. They also own to a degree the character names and likenesses to a degree. Hence Bully Ray and Team 3D not being able to refer to themselves as the Dudley Boys anymore. Suck on that you fuckin receptionist

  • Jason

    Tyler that was not the ECW title, that was the WWE ECW title. No where near the same

    WWE tried to give TNA problems in 2010 for using the ECW title belt on a PPV and on TV and nothing came off it. WWE has no grounds to do fuck all in this case.

  • Tyler

    @ Jason Vince won the ecw championship so actually WWE did own it

  • voice of reason

    the physical title is in the hands of rhyno but with the letters ecw emblazoned on the belt than you have copyright issues within the wwe & the wwe will put a stop to copyright infringement now if the ecw letters were to be removed then i don’t think there would be a problem.

  • b c Mitchell

    Your talking about the physical belt. To use it as the original ECW title with the name and lineage then yes you would need the written consent of the WWE as they currently own the rights to all intellectual properties associated with ECW. The physical belt would be the same as purchasing a prop/replica title.

  • Jason

    Tommy Dreamer bought the ECW title in 2000 from Paul Heyman and sold it to Rhyno in 2001. That belt was never owned by the WWE. That is why Rhyno was able to use that title on TNA TV in 2010.

  • thomas

    does the WWE own ECW if so why is ROH using this title

  • JIR

    Picture is damn funny

  • Really

    @ CC, I agree alot of the stuff posed on news websites sounds made up, basically something happens and then someone makes something up to try and explain it without any facts.

  • CC

    Firstly, I am not sure how Rhino can bring back that title without the permission of WWE, so I could easily see a lawsuit happening there if its unsanctioned.

    Secondly, the report about WWE and ROH just goes to prove my point that you cant believe all the rumours reported on these dirt sheets.