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Possible Role for John Cena at WWE’s TLC PPV, Triple H Note from Monday’s RAW

– Regarding John Cena’s role at Sunday’s WWE TLC pay-per-view, there was talk over the weekend of making him the special referee for the United States Title Match between Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder. A stipulation may be in place for that match to where Cena gets added to the WWE Title main event against CM Punk, The Miz and Alberto Del Rio, making it a four-way.

– Monday’s Slammy RAW was re-written several times throughout the day and at one point, Triple H wasn’t even scheduled to appear.


  • Tyler(:

    Couldn’t agree more Killa. and as for people that say Ryder isn’t overrated, look at the dislikes on Bastion’s comment. Shittt.

  • Killa

    DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling is a pussy bitch little boy

  • CENA: “Got a role for me yet?”

  • DuffManLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Thanks for the shout-out 😀

    Going to get so many down votes. Woo Woo Woo… Overrated!

  • JIR

    Let Cena have a fight with Kane they take it to the back and are seperated by the Locker Room. Done moving on WWE my check better be in the mail

  • Stashathan

    Ummm did anyone notice how kane grew 3 feet of hair in a few months?
    Just puttin that out there

  • Mark

    Cena should stay out of title picture for now. he should feud with Kane, makes sense.

  • KpNuttzLol

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Cena in the Wwe Title picture if they have Kane ambush him before hand. That way they can set up a feud and put Kane over as a monster.

    As for Ryder, I don’t particularly like his gimmick- it’s almost as bad as Jillian’s singing but the guy has worked really hard. He’s used Twitter and YouTube to build a fanbase whilst he was getting buried on superstars and his abilities in the ring just get better and better. It’s not that hard to understand why people support him for his dedication and improvement.

  • Freakzilla

    Whilst I hate to agree with the above kiddyy fiddler, he’s finally made a point I agree with. Perhaps he’s split up with his boyfriend duffwoman, thats why he’s making sense.

    @ Bastion Loser – Zach has shown a path to jobbers on how to succeed, fair play to him. His originality is why people like him, his cheeseyness is great, still laughing at that I’m getting over skit!!!

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Please excuse @Bastard–oops — I mean Bastion boogeyman, He doesnt think about what he’s saying because he has his mind on selling aluminum cans and soda bottles. He is trying to raise enough money for 3 minutes with Chyna. He said 3 minutes would be more than he needs.

  • Wellsy

    So they brought Kane back for what reason?

    Would make sense to have Cena vs Kane, and Kane win by outside interference by the Rock (keeps the feud building for Mania and keeps Kane strong going into the Rumble).

    Carry it on by Kane attacking the Rock after the match as well, Kane vs The Rock at the Rumble, Cena returns the favour on the Rock, Kane still built up and have him doing well in the Rumble match itself (I’d have him win it, but I’m still hoping Punk loses the belt and wins the Rumble!). Everybody comes off strong in that scenario.

  • Nooch

    I would bet everything I own that nobody named Rach is walking out US Champion.

  • Ironcross

    its obvious rach is walking out US Champion

  • Jason

    @ Generic

    Don’t forget Zach also changed his character from the days of Ryder & Hawkins. Isn’t that when he had the tag belts … can’t remember. Either way as you described he’s working his ass off to get somewhere with all the social media stuff he does. If Bastion don’t like him oh well Zach (or anybody else for that matter) won’t lose any sleep lol

  • Generic Troll

    @Bastion Ryder has done like 40plus youtube shows, thats almost a year of committing to something that he is trying to use to get himself heard and get him on the roster, you say he’s so gay, have you looked where Dolph came from? The freekin Spirit Squad, a male cheerleader stable, and Cena? Possibly the worst rap gimmic to hit the television, everyone has to start somewhere, and sure to zacks credit he won a tag championship but since then hes been working hard to get back to TV and working to keep his spot, its more than you can say for some of the other stars.

    people have to start somewhere and a unique gimmic assists in creating that start and thats what zacks done, would love to see your gimmic, promo, or even technique, even if zacks questionable, to an extent green, hes improving and good for him living his dream and making something of himself, at least hes not sitting here trying to bring people down because they have nothing better to do in their life.

    also use of gay and fags in one insult, sorta insecure there are ya pal? someone touch your bathing suit area when you were younger? naww i feel sorry for you..

  • Death_rising jr

    @Bastion – You like old men sticking things up your bunghole. That is all.

  • Jon

    NOOO. Cena need to say away from the main event. What about Kane?

  • AttitudePl0x

    Why do we like Zack Ryder? Sure I’m not particularly fond of some of his catchphrases but just look at how hard he’s trying in order to survive in the business.
    Everyone else who’s getting buried to oblivion is just praying, hoping and whining their asses out to no avail, while Zack is struggling the fuck to get out of that hole.
    I’m pretty sure it’s his will that’s appealing to people

  • Marc

    Don’t put Cena in the title match and make it a four way! That makes no sense, the whole reason Ryder got a US title shot was because Cena gave up his spot. The writers can’t be that stupid