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Rollins Responds to Cena, Pre-Surgery Vince Photo, Renee Young

– WWE TV personality Renee Young made her debut as a backstage RAW interviewer last night in a WWE App video with Matt Striker and Zack Ryder. Renee has been working on the WWE pay-per-view pre-shows as well as WWE Bottom Line, Experience and Vintage Collection.

– As noted before, Vince McMahon had hip surgery on Friday. WWE says he had it on Monday but he was backstage at RAW last night on crutches. WWE tweeted the following photo of Vince in the hospital right before the operation:

Vince McMahon Before Surgery

– As noted earlier, John Cena has challenged Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to a six-man match with his partners Sheamus and Ryback at Elimination Chamber. The challenge aired on a WWE App exclusive video. Seth Rollins responded to the challenge on Twitter:

“Be careful what you wish for Johnny. #believeintheshield #EliminationChamber”

  • adam

    Get ready to be disappointed then

  • Zlanta

    How is this PG Lol

  • poko

    If Cena ends up destroying The Shield singlehandedly, the same way he destroyed The Nexus singlehandedly, I’m going to be incredibly disappointed with the WWE.

  • adam

    Cena eliminates each member of the shield and burys them like he did nexus

  • J-J

    What’s the bet Cena gets the pin….

  • Kristoffer Binder

    elimination chamber tag team match..starts off 1 on 1, then every two minutes another competitor enters from one of the cages until all six are in the ring and then it is an elimination match tag team style

  • Scooter

    I thought the surgery was a work till I saw this. I love how doped up Vince flips the bird at the camera.