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Roman Reigns Pictured With His Fiance Galina Becker

  • Babette Faust

    Nice fake family bro.


    She is BLACK regardless…… I am guessing the term “black Mongolian” is new to you?

  • psforr


  • psforr

    Jealous much? A muppet? She’s God’s creation….tsk tsk…clean your heart it’s too dirty…X-mas is just atound the corner…God bless your heart!

  • psforr

    And you…..tsk tsk, God bless your heart….hahahaha…sefe le ea

  • psforr

    Why didn’t you write a whole novel? Hahaha…they got married…so back off n get a life…leave our Samoan King n Queen alone…Hahahaha….choooohoooo….I spoke those words earlier because I know them, n I know his family too…Ia alu loa e oki…kagu lou ulu….hahahaha

  • middlefingertotheworldfuckyou

    I agree with you nick. No one on here knows them. So they shouldn’t make assumption about a disney fairytale happily ever after. And you said something about people say he wouldn’t leave her and upgrade. Well the Rock did? He got divorced lol. Anyway how do you know for fact he hangs with the divas? Is she Galina with him? Does she go everywhere he goes? When he’s home that is.

  • michelle thom

    He said those things so that he would seem like a loyal dude! No one wants her but him. She looks like a puffed up Muppet

  • michelle thom

    He has a jumpoff somewhere, they all do. The come up made her passable. I’ve seen the old college track pics! Yes the money got her better hair, bigger boobs, decent clothes. It doesn’t matter that she FINALLY got him to marry her. The side jump offs are REAL!!!!!!! Maybe if she didn’t look like a Muppet people would not be so freaked out by this :)lolololllllllllllzzzzz

  • Beverly W. Smith

    WWE Superstar Roman Reigns officially married his longtime girlfriend Galina Joelle Becker this weekend.
    I’m so very happy for them!

  • Dylan

    Some women where wigs or weaves because they don’t want to spend a lot of time doing their hair. Not because they are fake. Nothing wrong with wanting to look good and not spending a lot of time getting there.

  • Natalie Wolfe Reimnitz

    i have never seen anyone rip someone apart , the man is happy everyone deserves to find that special person and be happy no matter who it is where they may be from or how they do there hair. Congrats Roman your still my favorite:)

  • Cara

    Roman’s not an idiot. I mean why the devil do you have a girl you don’t care about.

  • Cara

    Wow! Galina’s pretty! Reigns deserves her more than anyone else! She will REIGN

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Benjamin Button

    Bernard lol, Bernard, Bernie lol. Stop the tears. I just can’t . . . You are just a #keyboardwarrior

  • Sahra

    Dude, her hair isn’t weave not that it even matters.

  • ThelmaCHiser

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  • Sahra

    Jealous hoe

  • Karrilynn Piatt

    I think she pretty & he loves her

  • Done sadi

    You people are so stupid is wearing weave giving love? Dont be racial we are africans and we are proud of that

  • psforr

    Oh, who are you referring to as a “Nasty hoe” ?

  • Jennifer reigns

    Nasty hoe

  • psforr

    WOW!!! Ahahahaha..I smell JEALOUSY in here! Come on ladies with your ugly comments, your words aren’t very sweet to read. Be nice n pls dig a hole and bury in your ugly hearts of JEALOUSY. .SHAME ON YOU! I bet Galina is reading your comments and laughing at the same time. Just leave the one n only TRUE LOVE and soon to be WIFE of Roman Reigns alone. Just leave the beautiful Mommy of Roman Reigns’s daughter Jo Jo alone. GOSH! They were LOVE BIRDS when they were in school, hello, wake up and smell the roses. I am one proud Samoan of our Samoan Superstar Roman Reigns(Joe Anoa’i). We’re all very proud watching him on WWE, and knowing his wonderful families.I know he loves where he’s from, he loves his parents, siblings, his people, and ESPECIALLY he LOVES GALINA N JOJO VERY MUCH. I remember his interview, one interviewer asked him if he’s ever interested in being around the divas or any ladies, but he said, “NO, I’M ENGAGED!” Then the interviewer asked him again, “who is she?” Roman answered, “SHE’S MINE!” Therefore you HATERS, YOU’RE NOT HIS, GALINA BECKER IS. No matter what you say, he’s all hers when he goes home for a break from wrestling, and they can have each other all night long, while you’re just dreaming and hating. Hahaha, just keep dreaming. Hahaha! WAKE UP AND SMELL THE ROSES!

  • Bernard Sutton

    Point taken but how do you know by looking at her that she has a weave a lot of you women are obsessed with people you see on you’re tv screen do you really think if you went up to him and said you’re wife has a weave you could do better would he really care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Beverly W. Smith

    Ugh I was reading Beverly’s name and put the wrong one. But it’s me, Emilia.

  • Beverly W. Smith

    And btw, it’s me on a different account.

  • Beverly W. Smith

    How is it being jealous? I actually have real hair lmao. I just don’t like the fact that she wears weave. Girls these days are so fake that it’s ridiculous. And yes, weave is fake because it’s not her hair.

  • chien_clean

    What an idiot. He could have all the girls he wants. Stay single for a while and enjoy a good time when he’s at the Top.

  • Bernard Sutton

    Sure he could she could say the same thing about him dumping him for someone better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bernard Sutton

    Man shut your dumb delusional butt up why does it matter to you who’s he with like your opinion would matter to him if you met him and said it to his face probably bust you right in it know I would talking about the mother of his child punk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bernard Sutton

    What if she does wear weave what does it have to do with you weirdo obessed with somebody you don’t even know the jealousy is strong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Professor_Tenay

    Believe in the weave.

  • OHGoodness!

    She’s reportedly not full black, so please leave race out of this. I’ve heard it said she has among a few things, Mongolian in her. But I agree. Good for them and their family!

  • Emilia

    Nahh. I like her, I just don’t like the fact that she wears weave.

  • Sarah Elizabeth

    Why he had to get a girl with weave?

  • Janice

    Very well said and so very true! I think they are great together. I hope nothing but the best for them. I hope they have more kids.

  • Beverly W. Smith

    I’m happy for them both because she loves Joe and Joe loves Galina! way before he was to become Roman Reigns with the great muscles, no back when he was the fat football player and he knows that! so I don’t see him leaving her and his baby girl, I think some of you just hate her because she’s black but if their happy together let him love and be happy for him.

  • Emma

    You should learn how to do research.

  • CJ

    His fiancée is hot some of you guys are stupid for your idiot comments, yeah maybe he can do better but he could do a whole lot worse. Wonder what some of ur gfs look like and not Palmela Handerson doesn’t count.

  • AmishPatel

    Changed people

  • Big Show

    This is Galina Becker. Isn’t Jessica the name of the Uso’s little sister?

  • Big Show

    Emma, is right her name is Galina Joelle Becker!! Check your facts

  • AmishPatel

    You should learn to be less rude.

  • Emma

    Well you should get your facts correct before you post things.



  • Peabody

    I agree with eater of pus ^^^ above. Maybe ButtaFace stated thing incorrectly . . . but the sad truth is Roman could eventually “trade up”. I am sure she is a super smart and cool chick to hang with, but she a knockout. She’ll be tossed to the curb like the Rock’s wife was. Plain and simple. But it’s all good. Always a guy waiting in the wings to pick up some damaged goods.

  • EaterofPussies

    You obviously aren’t married lol. You have to be attracted to your significant other. If there is no physical attraction than what is the point of even getting to know someone who you think is “ugly”? It is not shallow to have an opinion of someone that they are ugly. Some think she is hot, and others not so much. I wise man once said (CHRIS ROCK), that your female selections are only as good as your options. He has many more OPTIONS now. Maybe back then, not so much. Not shallow, not ignorant, not immature – just the way it is.

  • AmishPatel

    Nobody deleted your comment, and I posted this.

  • Emma

    My other comment got deleted. I guess the person who posted this doesn’t like looking stupid. His fiancee’s name is NOT Jessica. It’s Galina. She went to college with him and if you Google her name, Galina Becker with Georgia Tech, you will find her track page.

  • Emma

    Just in case you still don’t believe, here is the link to HIS college page, and if you click on the Final Bio link with clips- in PDF, you can read a news article written where it mentions his college sweetheart by name. GALINA BECKER. I hate when journalists do not know what they’re talking about before posting an article!

  • what?

    I think she pretty hot and I have to agree with eaterofworlds

  • EaterofWorlds

    You shallow, vapid bitches. So what if he can get a more attractive woman? You don’t fall in love with somebody based on what they look like, you have to actually share some common interests and values. Some people are better than that and don’t see a woman purely as a slab of meat. But of course, I’m sure most people on this site are 15 year old boys so I can’t be too surprised. You’ll learn…I hope.

  • ButtaFace

    He could do better. Once he gets into the movies and sh*t like the rock, he will be dumpin her.

  • Hasan

    eww / 10

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