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Roman Reigns on his relationship with John Cena backstage

John Cena Roman Reigns

We can’t wait to see how No Mercy will go down between John Cena and Roman Reigns.

The Big Dog recently spoke to CBS Sports on the “In This Corner” podcast where he opened up about what kind of a relationship he really had with Big Match John.

“I’ll be completely honest: Me and John have always been cordial, but I would not say we are close friends by any means,” Reigns replied. “There is a business respect, but I think that’s what makes this so special that we’re truly competing against each other and I think people see that.”

He doesn’t let any of the hurtful things Cena says in his promos affect him but Roman does credit Cena by saying, “I’ve definitely gotten better on the stick working with John.”

“But it’s not like a situation where I’m taking anything he says to heart because I don’t really care what he thinks about me. If you care for someone and they knife you, it’s going to hurt. It will hurt your feelings and can depress you. But when you don’t really care about somebody or their opinion, it doesn’t affect you. And that’s how it is with me and John.”