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Roman Reigns responds to Steve Austin saying that he should turn heel

Roman Reigns

During a recent episode of his podcast, Stone Cold Steve Austin had said that the former World Champion Roman Reigns should turn heel for having the ‘biggest run’.

On his interview with Daily Express, Roman talked about the upcoming Money In The Bank PPV and also replied to Austin’s comments.

Reigns said that everybody has their opinion on what he should do like having a favorite flavor of ice cream but claimed that Steve Austin is aware of the territory he is in.

Continuing on the topic, he said that there is a lot of truth in what the Attitude Era star has to say but later explained why he can’t guarantee a heel turn:

So I think there’s definitely a lot of truth in what he has to say and I value his opinion. Is it going to happen? I can’t guarantee that. It’s one of those situations where you kind of got to take it week by week and just understand the role.

Do you think WWE should turn Roman Reigns heel after his back to back losses to Brock Lesnar? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

  • Darrin Tyler

    Might as well

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Its gonna happen. Eventually.

  • AmishPatel

    heel, I meant heel 🙂

  • CC

    I think you will find he is already face … or maybe with the boos, he isnt ha ha ha

  • AmishPatel

    McMahon is stubborn – I don’t see him turning Reigns face anytime soon. If he hasn’t already, I am not sure when the heck he will.

  • Solid

    Why not, I mean there’s not really anywhere he can go at this point, no amount of putting against heels or people acting like heels is going to get him over, just roll with it, he could be a really good heel for a few years and then work on it again.