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Roman Reigns reveals star which can turn him heel

Roman Reigns

There are a lot of fans who are continually rooting for Roman Reigns’ heel turn, however, It’s pretty clear by this point that WWE is not willing to do so.

According to the latest report, the company is expected to keep pushing Reigns as a babyface in future despite his recent losses to Brock Lesnar and the officials are trying to find ways to get him cheered.

However, during a recent interview with GiveMeSports, the Big Dog revealed one star he will be willing to turn heel to feud with in upcoming times.

According to Roman, if you want him to turn heel then you will have to put him in a rivalry with the former World Champion and former SmackDown Live General Manager Daniel Bryan:

Do you see Roman Reigns turning heel in near future? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.


  • You mean he isn’t already?

    Reigns could turn heel on Zack Ryder and still get the same response. As far as the fans are concerned, he already is a heel. His turn ain’t gonna be Hogan turning on WCW and forming the nWo.

  • Jessie L Williams II

    give him a mic without a script, make him wrestle babyfaces. That’s all he needs to be an epic heel.

  • Omar

    He is already a heel.

  • HBK

    Should of been a heel long time ago, he fits that roll well… but I just don’t think it will work out that good now unless they keep him off TV for a few months and let him come back at the royal rumble and attack Bryan and cost him the rumble win…. that will give him a lot of heat and a matchbox mania…. doesn’t have to be a title match either

  • Kristopher Robinson

    He wouldn’t even need to really change his character to become heel IMO. Similar to The Rock going from heel to face. Just have Roman complain about all hes done for the fans, but still have him do the same moves and such. Pretty freakin simple if you ask me