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Roman Reigns on wanting to face Lesnar at Mania, return of Dual-Branded PPVs, and more

Roman Reigns

With WWE Elimination Chamber only a few days away, CBS Sports interviewed Roman Reigns to get some insight on the PPV and get his thoughts on a few other topics. Below are some highlights of the interview by Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports.

If Roman Reigns has any unfinished business with Brock Lesnar after Seth Rollins cashed in on their match at Wrestlemania 31:

Yeah, we definintely have that. I think what puts validity behind this whole situation is we had a barnburner of a match. It’s one of my favorites that I’ve ever… Well, let me take that back. It’s not my favorite, because it didnt’ feel good. But going back and seeing ti and the outcome and the story and the reaction and just the rollercoaster ride that the crowd took with us, it was one of my finer days at work.

There’s always gonna be that animosity to wanna finish the job. Not only towards Brock but towards Seth for interrupting that. The key is to be able to get to that point and deliver and capitalize. Hopefully I’ll get the shot. We gotta go through the Chamber on Sunday. We gotta make it out of that unscathed and then take a ride to Suplex City. It sounds a lot better than it really feels. Trust me.

On the difficulty of a minority climbing the ladder in the business in this era or if it’s an even playing field now:

I think I’m a great example of that. I’m a multi-racial man. I don’t think it has anything to do with your color or your background. It’s the man that you are and what you stand for, and obviously the performer that you are. That’s one thing that Vince deeply wants to be embedded in his guys, in his superstars, that they’re good people.

That’s one thing he’s always told me from the beginning is, ‘I don’t care if you’re the greatest wrestler in the world. I don’t care if you’re the most charismatic talker in the world. I do care if you’re a good person and that’s all that matters.’ When it comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what you look like, how big you are, what color your skin or hair or eyes are. If you’re a good person, you’re a good person.

Which African American or minority wrestler influenced him the most in his life and career:

I would have to say my father. He’s not an African American man, but he is a man of color. He had a lot of experience with some of the pioneers for African American wrestlers, guys like Junkyard Dog. He wasn’t a full-time wrestler, but he brought so much publicity. And how can you not bring up Mr. T, guys like that? But also within our family tree, Rocky Johnson, the Rock’s father. There’s a lot of pride and a lot of great representation for African Americans in this month.

On his visit to the African American Museum on the National Mall:

You can’t ever have enough knowledge, and that’s what’s great about these exhibits and these museums. And it’s family-friendly. It’s not a situation where you’re just reading stuff. It’s not boring at all. It’s very interactive, and I think just going through it, seeing the timeline of all the way where it’s starting with slavery and segregation all the way to the Civil Rights Movement with Dr. King.

There was just such a huge history. And it just reminds you that we’re a country that has great ideals and beliefs, but it’s been a great struggle. Sometimes you’re gonna have some scars, but to build that body, you gotta just continue to fight and continue to do the right thing. One of the first things we saw is the big massive wall, where it looks like people are climbing. It’s to signify that we’re not there yet. We still have a lot of work to do.

On WWE dropping the Single-Branded PPVs after a year and a half:

I think, like anything else, it has its pros and cons. It’s gonna increase the work schedule as far as pay-per-views, but ifyou don’t wanna perform in a pay-per-view, then what are you doing here? I think it’ll also keep storylines fresh. It’ll allow us to continue to dot all our “i’s” and cross all of our “t’s” because we’ll have more weeks to continue those storylines and these rivalries, and we’ll be able to have more time to carry those out.

Roman Reigns looks to challenge Brock Lesnar once again at Wrestlemania, but must first survive the Elimination Chamber. WWE Elimination Chamber takes place on February 25 on the WWE Network.