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Ronda Rousey seemed infuriated with crowd at Survivor Series after her match

Ronda Rousey faced off against Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series in what was seen to be a solid match. Except, it ended in disqualification after Charlotte hit Ronda with a kendo stick and then went on to brutalize her. The crowd was cheering for Charlotte and chanted ”you deserve it” to Rousey.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said how Ronda genuinely might have been infuriated with the crowd for turning on her.

He would go on to say how she had taken a horrible beating and the crowd went on to turn on her, which was the opposite of what everything was done for.

She didn’t look happy about that. Ronda had a love affair with pro wrestling and its fans due to her perception that pro wrestling fans have stuck by her. Even in MMA she was cheered most of the time, with her being booed only once when she wouldn’t shake hands with Miesha Tate.

But from the looks of it, she will be feuding with Nia Jax next. With all the head Nia has on her, it’s safe to say Ronda will be getting cheered once again.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Got a source for that claim?
    She works house shows. She watches Becky’s work enough to advance the story with her. This just sounds like someone bashing Rousey because “OMG, she wasn’t an indie darling! She was already famous for something else!!!”

  • EVH

    What im confused is exactly what image are WWE trying to portray for Ronda. She walks out with a smile on her face but then she calls herself the Baddest Bitch on the Planet and mean mugs to the camera and then when she gets a whuppin she looks like a she’s going to cry home to mommy.

    If she wants to act like a badass then she needs to be a badass all the time, that includes backstage segments or when she’s getting her ass handed to her.

    But hey, she’s only been in WWE for a little over half a year, she’s basically learning on the job, I can look passed her in-ring shortcomings but i totally expect her to act more like UFC Ronda Rousey.

    And what’s up with the eye makeup? Is she trying to be Scary Sherri or Bull Nakano?

  • EVH

    uhh actually she performs at house shows and is on tour with the rest of the roster, so your assessment is WRONG!

    But i do agreee she was pushed to the top way to fast.

  • Darrin Tyler

    She deserved the beat down she got. She never deserved the belt that’s for sure…she also doesn’t wrestle every night like rest of roster. She’s basically a female Lesner….

  • Rinn13

    I think you’re giving Ronda far too much credit. She legit thought WWE wrestlers worked maybe once a week at most. You’re assuming she pays that much attention to the product outside of her own little part of it, let alone an entirely different show she’s not on.

  • Rinn13

    Poor Baby. People aren’t cheering me like they’re told to, as I’m shoved down their throat constantly.

  • Mike the Ike

    If Ronda is mad at anyone, she needs to be mad at Vince for this stupid booking. She was there when Vince had the great idea to turn Becky against Charlotte. How could she not see the same outcome coming when she found out that Charlotte, who was standing in for Becky, was going to turn on her at SS? Vince is old, stupid, and will never learn how to book things properly.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Against Becky, I get it. That would’ve made sense. The crowd has been, and likely always will be, solidly behind Becky. But this heel turn from Charlotte, from my understanding, is WWE trying to reverse the roles in the Becky/Charlotte feud.

    I suppose you’re right about the Roman/Cena thing though. We’ll see how they proceed with it I guess.

  • oppa

    She would have been boo’d vs Becky anyway. The fans got to see the Charlotte they wanted to see and cheered it. This would have happened 10 fold if Roman or Cena had turned heel a while ago. In this sense, Charlotte gave the people what they wanted, so she turned face for one night. It’s her dad’s mentality which says do what you do and let the people decide if you are a heel or a face.

  • CC

    I think the problem here was the whole angle with Lynch/Rousey ended up painting Rousey as the heel by virtue of Lynch being so over with the fans. Factor in her whole millenial man insult last week did not go down well with a lot of people as well seeing as that describes a large demographic of the fan base, and you had a recipe for disaster.
    I think also the fans are starting to see Rousey in the same light as Cena, Charlotte and Reigns in that they are being pushed regardless of whether fans want it or not, and as her opponent is Charlotte, maybe the fans feel that she gets a pass this time due to actually being a wrestler first rather than coming in from outside and getting a push the minute she is put on the main roster, totally skipping developmental.
    Also, having Charlotte being Beckys chosen avatar of sorts, that also helped Charlotte.

    What I think surprised everyone though is this was supposed to be Rousey territory at the Staples centre.

    I think the fact she got so upset is either a sign of a heel turn or she still has to learn a lot about this business. Love or hate the likes of Cena, Charlotte and Reigns, but they certainly know how to shrug this kind or reaction off, and I am not sure Rousey has learned that yet.

  • oppa

    Gag reflex. She has been pushed as a monster who was beating up men. There’s no reason to think any woman could beat her since she throws guys around with ease. In a sense, it’s like a bully imposing their will. This had to happen sometime. But they’ll build towards her vs Nia and she’ll be cheered again.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I think she has a right to be confused.
    Crowd wanted heel Charlotte vs face Becky Lynch, WWE turns Charlotte heel, and all of a sudden they decide to cheer her after weeks of booing? Makes no sense.

    Also makes no sense to boo Rousey after one of the best matches she’s had so far.