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Roode Injury Angle After Lockdown, Plans for Storm Changed, Gail Kim

– TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim wrote the following on Twitter last night after she retained the title over Velvet Sky:

“Wow really upset a lot of ppl tonight by my victory… Get over it. Cry babies. @MRayneTNA are ruling this world!”

– TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode was taken away from Lockdown last night on a stretcher and wearing a neckbrace. Roode’s Twitter posted a photo of him on the stretcher, with the title, being taken away.

– James Storm was originally planned to win the World Heavyweight Title from Bobby Roode at TNA Lockdown but some felt that it wasn’t the right decision and the plan was changed within the past two weeks.

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  • SpudimusPrime89

    I agree with Eve’s, Jarrett came off as TNA’s own version of HHH and it wasn’t bad at all.

  • Eve’s left Nipple

    sdd619, This may not be a popular decision, But the best heel champion TNA has ever had was Jeff Jarrett.

  • Reverse prince albert

    Hardy dont need another damn title match Roode already beat him. Eric Young vs Roode

  • sdd619

    I think Roode v Storm feud was the best storyline in TNA at this time. They are home grown talent that fought through everything, even being told they were not worthy of the mainevent scene. Bobby Roode i think is the greatest heel champion TNA has ever had.

  • King

    roode is nothing but a damn Triple H wannabe/ripoff….even stevie wonder can see that shit….TNA come up with ur own shit already shit

  • i was there at lockdown it was awesome best match was kurt vs jeff

  • Ant

    roode vs rob van dam for sacrifice is what i wanna see

  • TS93

    Only issue I have with it is that Roode originally beat him for the title and has beaten him a few times. They need a new opponent with a buildup like Roode had against Angle at B4G. That was the last good TNA storyline