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Roode-Storm Planned for TNA’s BFG, Early Word on Lockdown Buys, Ring Ka King, Impact Tonight

– Matches for tonight’s TNA Impact Wrestling include Bully Ray vs. TV Champion Devon, Kurt Angle vs. Anarquia, Robbie E. vs. Alex Silva, Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim plus tag team action with Daniels & Kazarian vs. Magnus & Samoa Joe vs. Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson.

– TNA’s Ring Ka King promotion in India finished up its run on Colours over the weekend. No word yet on the future of the promotion. No new tapings have been announced yet for a second season.

– Early numbers on the TNA Lockdown pay-per-view indicate that the show did around 17,000 buys. This is down from the Lockdown numbers over the past few years but obviously well above the average TNA pay-per-view event. Lockdown is usually one of TNA’s highest drawing pay-per-views.

– James Storm is out of action to sell the interview he did on Impact Wrestling where he said he was going home due to being depressed from losing to Bobby Roode at Lockdown. The current plan is for the Roode vs. Storm program to end at this year’s Bound For Glory pay-per-view. Storm is also taking time off to rest the ankle that he had surgery on.

Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • TomC

    The lot of you children are pathetically HILARIOUS with your abject hatred for TNA and slamming ANYONE who proclaims themselves a fan.

    Hey, here’s a novel idea – if you don’t like TNA … THEN DON’T FLIPPIN’ WATCH IT.

    Pretty simple – even for many of YOU.

    Unlike many of you, I happen to be a pro-wrestling FAN – have been for about 28 yrs now. I’ve seen promotions come and go – and go through all kinds of theme/programming changes. I REMEMBER what made the WWF great back in the day, and what/how WCW came up (after MANY years) and eventually overtake WWF in ratings and popularity. Unfortunately, the WCW powers-that-be became too full of themselves (not unlike Vince McMahon) and thought that, with their triumphant success, they could do whatever the hell they wanted and “think” for the fans. We all know what happened.

    TNA has been around now for over 10 years – and has been on prime time television for about five of those then years … and THEY’RE STILL HERE AND DOING RELATIVELY WELL. Like it or not, TNA provides an “old skool” feel that WWE has left far behind (in favor of ridiculous character names, pansy PG programming and severely lacking storylines).

    Bottom line … if you’re a “WWE ONLY” fan, then be a “WWE ONLY” fan – DON’T WATCH TNA – and STFU with your mental midget “I Hate TNA” rants.

    Now go to sleep … it’s past your bedtime.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    ha, jason there is only one for jason for tna and its jason gentry everyone can go look at and the brodcast team, jason is full of it

  • Angry Benny

    ^ good point ant, I shouldn’t waste my time, the more we ignore, he may just stop posting, doubt it, but it could happen, wishful thinking anyone?

  • ant

    dont see why u guys even respond to jason

  • Angry Benny

    @jason, Why do you do this, do you like being a the fallguy for discussion? you constantly come on and give lousy facts that nobody cares about, you have an excuse for everything tna, why waste your time, We know Tna is a good company, but it hasn’t been what it use to be in a long time, hell! WWE hasn’t been what it use to be also but its more watchable than Tna(IMO) I like your enthusiasism about the company but it falls short when you sound so stupid and leave yourself wide open for remarks, but I guess thats why you wake up every morning, just to get a rise outta people on this site, that is why nobody will ever believe a word you say on this site

  • Gregorski

    Since when us tna financially stable? There hasn’t been an article printed or uploaded about them as of late which hasn’t addressed their on running money problems. I do however like the James Storm build up. I want him to get over even more and show tna they can lose (most of) the old guard and focus more on the young, homegrown talents.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    i have proof if jasons last name the one that i think it isint hes full of it

  • Superman

    ^^cant jason just scroll up to see the question again ?

  • jason

    my last name is stathm

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Whats your last name jason ?

  • SpudimusPrime89

    Jason Gentry’s tweets seem to contradict what this Jason has been saying.

  • Ant

    Cant Believe You Morons Dont Wanna See A 4 Way Match Between Aj Styles,Kurt Angle,RVD,and Sting or possibly Jeff Hardy

  • Jason

    What was your question Ryder?

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Jason hasnt answerd me so i guess its not his last name he doesent work for tna

  • Jason

    jared thank you, someone gets it. I was sure the term long term booking was lost on all WWE fans. Good to know a few know what that term means.

    Fuck all the Jason copy cats.

  • Ant

    u guys do know bfg is a long way off right? roode dosent NEED to keep the world title to get him over he already IS over as a heel and people need to realize that Roode should drop the title before then and have someone else hold the title for a few months then MAYBE have him win it back either before or after bound for glory

  • SYM

    Jason is secretly Big Dick Johnson & Kamala’s Foots love child…his name is Big Dick Foot!

  • jared

    Man, I called this. I rarely comment, but I will now. I said to my gf if they were smart enough they keep the belt on roode till bfg and drop it to storm. A…it will give roode more to get over and b…it gives storm a better and longer build up. Just like when Austin ruled 1997 and by the following year he was champion. not comparing storm to Austin but in comparison its perfect business.

  • The Ryder Revolution

    Jason is your last name Gentry ?

  • kewk

    Who the hell is this Jason guy you guys been talking about??

  • kamala’s leg

    My burried(banned) foot gets more views and is more popular than TNA. @Jason, TNA is stinkier than my leg.

  • Ant

    i would rather see a 4 way match for the world heavyweight title between kurt angle,aj styles,rob van dam,and sting that would be awesome,they can have roode vs storm without the title in my opinion

  • Mongo

    He is talking to us from the inside of his mom’s basement.

  • Superman

    Don’t think he says ” them” but you get my point he seems to be talking like someone from the outside looking in instead of from the inside talking to us on the outside

  • Superman

    If Jason really is a part of tna why does he keep referring them as “them” “they” instead of “us ” or “we” ?shouldn’t he be included if he is actually a part of that company ?

  • Mongo

    And here comes Jason pretending to be an employee of TNA and owning his own wrestling company, I so enjoy his self marking and delusional “facts.”

  • Jason

    *Insert TNA Private Company Quote Here*

    Whilst it’s easy to speculate and maybe these dirtsheets have insider information, you got to take it with a grain of salt. I personally enjoyed the PPV and TNA are said to be producing a profit. People seem to ride TNA based on ratings and buys, and whilst I won’t take away from their importance they aren’t the be all and end all of a professional wrestling company. TNA is EXTREMELY successful in other aspects of business:

    – Making a profit
    – Talented roster mixing big names with talent
    – Primetime TV slot with millions of viewers (they currently share a third of viewers RAW gets)
    – Tons of International exposure through television (even beating WWE in UK and other countries in ratings)
    – Financial stability and solid investments (Panda, Spike and Direct Auto)

    TNA gets a lot of slack because they are battling WWE on ratings and similar aspects, and I won’t lie that is still important. But TNA isn’t exactly a failure, it is just stuck in an industry that is overexposed and over-saturated by WWE’s dominance. But to be where they are in such a short time as a brand-new company is quite remarkable and I don’t feel TNA gets enough credit for it.

  • scooter

    If Roode holds the belt till BFG it would be awesome finally a good long term champ in TNA!

  • Ant

    i dont wanna see another roode/storm match especially at BFG,hopefully its not for the world title and roode drops the title before then