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Rosa Mendes Says A.J. Needs To Look Like A Diva, WWE Highlights nWo Formation

by Amish Patel - September 11, 2011

— Rosa Mendes, who has not appeared on WWE programming since SummerSlam, posted her first message on Twitter since August 20 by ranting about fellow SmackDown Diva A.J. The three-year veteran doesn’t feel the Union City native “looks like a WWE Diva.”

She wrote, “But what one thing I don’t miss is looking at rookies that call themselves divas when they can’t get a hold of some proactive to clear their Awful skin up, and start dressing like actual Divas instead of shopping at consignment stores in the kid section. You want to be a Diva? Look like one AJ. You look like a cashier that works at my local grocery store.

“Why you are on the roster boggles my mind!!!!!!!!”

— The official WWE website has ranked Hulk Hogan turning his back on millions of Hulkamaniacs to join Scott Hall and Kevin Nash in forming one of the most infamous groups in history, the New World Order, as No. 1 in their “List This: Legends of the Fall.”

Click here for WWE.com’s recollection of the event.

— Former WWE talent Paul Heyman turns 46 years old today.

  • voice of reason

    but i would love to see a nwo reunion though i was always a scot norton & buff bagwell fan i saw a video of buff wretling in a highschool basketball court to me it was extremely sad i really like buff & to see him fall so damn drasticly is just sad

  • StudDog

    Personally I think AJ is very attractive just the way she is. Much hotter than Rosa.

  • voice of reason

    personally i don’t want aj to get a boob job she is just a petite woman & a boob job on her would look terrible i do enjoy some variety & it’s good to see the wwe introducing women of different sizes

    anyways all of the divas are the same anyways

  • Josh

    i totally agree with rosa aj is not a wwe diva she aint like kelly kelly or natalya shes just there id be surprised if she were to say something about kaitlin as well.

  • JIR

    AJ has a better chance of being Divas Champion than Rosa

  • Raziel

    Aj is about what 23-24, and she’s very tiny that might be why she shops in the kids/teens section.

  • Trixie

    Three years makes you a veteran?

    I must admit, though, I do agree with her on the AJ dressing like a highschooler thing.

  • Logan

    Most WWE Divas = Boob Job. If AJ gets one I die a little bit inside.

  • ##

    I’d screw the both of ’em

  • CM Mark

    Shut up Rosa, AJ is waaaay hotter than you.

  • Rucdogg

    I got to see Rosa in person, she is one to talk about how someone looks, besides big fake tits, she isnt much.

  • scooter

    Bit rich coming from someone who looks ridiculously pig faced (seriously look at her and you’ll say what I mean) Aj should take that as a compliment

  • Gary

    AJ has more skills in her fcw day then Rosa will ever have…smh…. Twatter is killer wrestling

  • JSM

    Why are you guys so fired up about this? It is just an attempt of Rosa to be noticed, like hawkins growing a beard, Tyler Reks, or Ryder (although his case is actually a successful one)

  • venom

    How Rosa still has a job boggles my mind.

  • Tom… Just Tom

    Hey Rosa! AJ is on the roster because she has something you have failed to show other than you fake rack… TALENT!!! Three years Rosa has been on the roster and she has shown me nothing. A few months and AJ has shown me more. STFU Rosa!

  • bloodstone

    @cc Gail Kim does not need to make herself relevant wwe drop the ball when it came to Gail she was one of the best if not the best on wwe stupid Diva roster . all they have now is mostly a bunch of clueless twits that are nothing more than eye candy

  • CC

    Sounds like Rosa is trying to do a Gail Kim/Melina and try to make herself relevant via twatter.
    Look how that worked out for those two.

  • Dee durp

    That’s one pretty mean sister.

    At least AJ knows how to wrestle Rosa, at least she knows how to wrestle.

  • Omar

    Rosa? PMS much?

  • poko

    What the hell? Is Rosa Mendes getting a heel push? Why?

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