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Rosa Mendes Responds To Her Haters, Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara Feud Highlighted

— Infrequently seen SmackDown Diva Rosa Mendes was besieged with negative messages on Twitter after disparaging the ‘Rookie Divas’ of WWE during a recent outburst—A.J. (“looks 12 with a crater face”), Aksana (“looks like she is 40”), Kaitlyn (“looks like she needs to go on Jenny Craig”) and Maxine (“You know the new girl on NXT, with the huge overbite. Lol”). She wrote in response to her critics, “To all my haters, If I had a dollar for every time you have called me a derogatory word I would have enough money to donate to you so you can move out of your trailers. Hahahaha. Go on a diet, fix your teeth, and get a life.

She also mocked a fan with a WWE username who wrote in his profile that he is a doctor who graduated from Harvard: “You must not be too good of a Doctor if your here insulting me, oh that’s right, you have your PHD in WWE! Atta boy! Xo”

— On Friday’s SmackDown, Sin Cara lost to Daniel Bryan by disqualification when he wouldn’t stop his assault of the Money in the Bank briefcase holder. A second Sin Cara emerged and confronted his impostor; the two had a staredown.

The cover of the latest issue of Super Luchas features a comic style drawing of the dual Sin Caras preparing to fight, with the headline reading “Dos Místicos, Un Sin Cara.”

  • The Real Joe. remember that storyline?

    It’s a work you idiots. She is playing the heel role

  • Trixie

    how does insulting her have anything to do with anyone profession? Can’t that kid be a doctor and still hate on her. god she’s such an a-hole

  • Boondock Saint

    WWE has come to terms with the release of Rosa Mendes; we wish her luck on all her future endeavors.

  • Once again…she realizes she’s ugly as hell, right?

  • Jerezano

    Hunico (Sin Cara #2) wrestled in Mexico under the name “Mistico de Juarez” or simply “Mystico”. They both debuted with the same name around the same time and I believe he got sued by CMLL who owns the name “Mistico”, and they gave it to Sin Cara #1.
    It’s kind of ironic that there was a possibility, maybe there still is, that Hunico would be given the Sin Cara character. It all comes full circle, I guess.

  • Dave

    So she hates on several of the other divas, and wonders why she gets hate back.
    Americans. No sense of irony.

  • MrDr3w

    She’s behaving exactly like Gail Kim did, except Rosa Mendes isn’t nearly as talented.


    Should that not be dos sin caras un mistico?

  • scooter

    good for you rosa insult the fans of the company you work for thats sure to get over with the back office fucking idiot hopefully this leads to her release

  • Um…Um…Um… is Zack Ryder still going out with her?