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Rosa Mendes Reveals Her Relationship Status, Talks About Wanting the WWE Divas Title

– E! Online recently spoke with Rosa Mendes to promote the new season of WWE Total Divas. She talked about her passion and how she wants a Divas Title shot:

“My passion is being in the ring. So now with being on Total Divas I have a lot more opportunities to have matches and eventually go for the title. It’s a dream for all us Divas to have that title. The more practice and matches I get, the more of a chance I’ll get to run for that title.”

Rosa also says she’s looking for a husband:

“I’ve been single for a year and a half. I’ve gone through some struggles but I’m getting my life together and my career. All these beautiful things are happening in my life but I’m missing that one thing: a significant other to share all this with. I’m looking for a husband. I’m going on dates but I am looking for the one and I’m very honest with every guy I go on a date with. I tell them what I want and sometimes it may scare them away and sometimes they may like it. There’s a few guys that are cute that I’m friends with so we’ll see.”

  • jedi

    I disagree caps perfectly expressed what I wanted to get accross. So you have nothing to show to back that up except “google it”? Pretty sad comeback as there is NOTHING before 2 months ago when she was announced for total divas where she has EVER said anything!!!

  • Chris E.

    I love Rosa.

  • oppa

    Google is your friend, typing in all caps isn’t. Go to SeScoops and look for yourself.

  • jedi

    and weeks? Shes been on the roster for how many years & now “hey shes been saying it for weeks” , maybe since she was announced as being on total divas but NEVER before!

  • jedi

    absolutely no way!!!! Show me one thing ONE THING SHE HAS EVER SAID PUBLICLY!

  • oppa

    She’s been saying for weeks that she is bothered by the fact that she’s never won on TV and that she wants to be the Diva’s champion. People have made fun of her for it, but she’s been saying it. It’s just the first time this website has pick up a story about her talking about.

  • jedi

    This is just so pathetic at this point. You have wrestled what maybe 3 matches & were a horrible, i cant call her a manager because all she did was stand there & look awkward! She has no love or passion for wrestling other wise these things would have been said before the got on total divas!! You can tell she is repeating anything they tell her to. Oh they pointed out you never had a win!Go out & say you want to get one. Your gonna be on tv say your single. Also go out & say you want the divas championship that will make them think you care!!! NO YOU STILL HAVE NO FANS & I PERSONALLY THINK YOU WILL BE THE NAIL IN THE COFFIN FOR TOTAL DIVAS!!