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Rosa Mendes Showing Off Her Curves In Hot New Pics!

  • Dom

    0k Rosa is hotter then Lita. Rosa however needs to get an ass

  • poko

    damn 🙁 who else came here hoping for the bruised photos

  • Robinson

    On pic 2 whats wrong with her chest it loojs like he is missing some ribs lol

  • Chris

    Lita is flat out FUGLY…Rosa…I’d put it in her without a condom.

  • Stu

    Granted Lita is flat out hot. But it’s not like Rosita is ugly by any means.

  • TheSheepDog

    if Rosa, or any real life female was in their bed, they would have simply walked in to the wrong room.

  • voice of reason

    ok if rosa was in your bed buck naked would the guys above me say “nah your not trish please leave” hell no their dicks would be harder than iron in 2 seconds i think rosa is a hottie & i most definately wouldnt kick her out of my bed.

  • 1919dpg

    what curves? her ass is completely flat. no ass no interest.

  • eric

    yeah even trish stratus looks better tha rosa. i mean trish makes rosa look like rosie odonnel

  • Mickie Flaps

    Lita on Monday makes Rosa look like Paul Bearer..

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