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“Rowdy” Roddy Piper Recalls Ghostly Encounter With Deceased WWE Wrestler

WWE Hall of Famer “Rowdy” Roddy Piper recalled his ghostly encounter with a deceased WWE wrestler during the Biography Channel’s Saturday night airing of Celebrity Ghost Stories.

Roddy summarized his early days in the professional wrestling industry as a 22-year-old kid with no family. He met another 22-year-old kid, named Adrian Adonis, and they became best friends. He recalled angrily snapping at people, with led to Adrian calming him down and advising him to purchase a house. Adrian believed that a house purchase would give Piper the family life he desperately wanted. He did months later and found happiness.

Roddy, who faced Adrian before 93,173 spectators at WrestleMania III, lamented his death in a car accident. Adrian was killed on July 4, 1988 in Lewisporte, Newfoundland while riding in a minivan with fellow wrestlers William “Mike Kelly” Arko, Victor “Pat Kelly” Arko, and Dave “Wildman” McKigney. Adonis, McKigney, and Pat Kelly were killed when the driver, Mike Kelly, allegedly swerved in order to avoid hitting a moose and, blinded by the setting sun, inadvertedly drove into a lake. Mike Kelly survived, albeit with severe leg injuries.

Roddy said his daughter Ariel would later wake up in the middle of the night and scream because she saw a man in her bedroom. His son would see shadows and hear noises in an inexplicable manner.

One day when Roddy arrived home from a long road trip, his son Colt came running out of the residence screaming that there is a man inside. He storms inside, ready to confront the intruder when he notices that the logs from the fireplace had tumbled out and caught the carpet on fire. As he scrambled to extinguish the fire, he encountered the ghost of Adrian Adonis.

Adrian said “Hey Roddy” and then disappeared. Roddy stood still for a long time since he didn’t want to leave the room. He became emotional while recalling this moment.

Roddy believes Adrian is looking out for him and his family in the house that he was encouraged to purchase. He says Adrian is his brother and that he would have never believed in ghosts had it not been for that encounter.


  • rko

    I really hoping roddy would have ended up putting a sleeperhold on a spook.

  • voice of reason

    for me i feel that there has to be something after death, if ghosts are real then great if not then that’s fine also but we’ll never know until we make that journey ourselves but to believe in spirits if that gives people some comfort isnt a bad thing.

  • Matt

    I used to dig this show but then I realized… If ghosts were real, then wouldn’t every murder victim in the history of the world, billions and billions of murdered people, wouldn’t they all just spend their cosmic eternity haunting their killers? And wouldn’t there be a lot more proof of this occurrence if it was possible? I think grief is extremely powerful and our brain, as a means of survival, makes this stuff up to deal with what is probably the most debilitating human emotion.

  • yofits

    The ghost of Chris Benoit is haunting Vince.

  • Batesy Boy

    piper was likely coked off his tits, thats why

  • 1919dpg

    when one suffers a loss they are prone to their mind playing tricks on them. but then again who knows.

  • scooter

    I don’t believe in ghosts ad stuff but piper saying how adrians looking out for him is a heartwarming sentiment.

  • SYM

    I had a Ghostly encounter with Eddie Guerrero once. I was playing my PS3, and I paused the game and went to the bathroom. When I came back it was gone. So I turn around and Eddie has my Dam PS3. He says “I Steal Holmes”, smiled and disappeared. O_O