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Why R-Truth Isn’t Turning Heel, Name for Slater’s Stable, More

– R-Truth and Layla will be appearing at the Verizon Wireless store on Mount Zion Road in Morrow, Georgia on October 27th at 3pm.

– Former WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool did a Q&A with fans on Twitter and noted that her dream match would be a No DQ match against Molly Holly.

– The new stable with Heath Slater, Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre is now being called The Band. There has been a lot of head scratching backstage at the group being put together on WWE TV.

– When the decision was made to split R-Truth and Kofi Kingston up for singles runs, there was an idea brought up to turn R-Truth heel. That idea was nixed, mostly because Vince McMahon is a big fan of Truth’s character and the Little Jimmy gimmick.

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  • Keith Learmonth

    “Well why does he act like he is from Jamaica and still has Kingston?”

    Even after they revealed he’s from Ghana, they still acknolwedged that his family owns property in Jamaica, and that he has an immense respect for Jamaican culture.

  • @RealAllen23 @Twitter

    I have an Idea for Creative, have him turn heel due to Little Jimmy ” told him to do bad things lol now that’d be entertainment!

  • @RealAllen23 @Twitter

    I actually Liked a Heel Truth, I mean he had heat, he had a WWE Title Match, now he’s back to mid-card.

  • Nick

    Shhhhh quiet down or you’ll wake Dixie. Lord knows then we will have another lawsuit on our hands.

  • Idiots

    But TNA used The Band already….ok if TNA wants to sue over a stolen gimmick or storyline then WWE can do the same. Half the crap they do is rehashed from WWE/WCW/ECW. Which is all owned by WWE

  • Wellsy

    R-Truth – Definitely should return to being a heel. His psycho gimmick was brilliant. There’s not much scarier than a paranoid nutjob gangsta that sees people that aren’t there!
    They should do a bit where someone has “attacked” Little Jimmy. Bring him back to being a paranoid idiot. Turn him on Kofi. Then we find out it was himself all along (well it couldn’t be anyone else in reality could it, since he’s a figment of his own imagination!).

    As for “The Band”, a lot of head scratching indeed. An Southerner, a Scotsman and an Indian? They have no chemistry together. 2/3 look completely out of place in the gimmick. I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a worse stable in my life!

  • luckysalt

    They did officially call themselves the band in tna, it was on their intro video and everything

  • Diesel

    Eurgh! Once again Vince off in his own little world. Truths heel run was the best gimmick was the best he’s had in years, not to mention the most successful in terms of his career. Turning him face was a dumb move in the first place, and now him & Kofi have split they could focus on Kofi’s singles run again and turn Truth heel once more.

    If WWE had a brain that’s what they should do

  • #HEEL

    How can they be called ‘The Band’ when Slater is the “One man band…..Babyyy!!” :S

  • adam

    @c town boy. Not really because though nash and hall called themselves the band in tna they never really officialy had it as there name and copywrote it. As for the group i have always been a big fan of drew so anything to get him on tv more i like. Over the past few months i have warmed up to mahal he has improved inside the ring and on the mic. I still cant stand slater though in the ring on the mic he is just annoying. Also i think truth should turn heel is charcter was alot better back then. When it was little jimmy who was out to get him and everything was a giant conspieracy now little jimmy is his friend it makes no sense.

  • M

    What I don’t get with Kofi, is he has been revealed as from Ghana and it is mentioned every time he goes to the ring. Well why does he act like he is from Jamaica and still has Kingston? Surely turn him heel, only call him Kofi and adopt an African gimmic would be better

  • c-Town Boy

    and as for Heath slaters group being called the band can’t TNA Sue them cause wasn’t that the name for the nWo in TNA since they couldn’t actually use nWo. due to WWE owning it?

  • c-Town Boy

    how about kofi winning the intercontinental title and have him. fued with r truth with both of them as faces to see who was the strongest link in that tag team or have one be a heel preferably Jodi
    either way it would bring credibility to the IC title

  • leedraven

    They should have turned kofi months ago on r truth costing them the titles and let the prime time playas win and have kofi join AWP…well now that we know that cant happen, turning Kingston heel would be a good move, and maybe give him the push he deserves, and stop that lame boom boom boom…just a thought

  • DaveyH

    Not to mention that it was barely a year ago that Truth was turned heel and nobody actually disliked him, so they turned him back face.