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More on R-Truth’s Suspension, Foley & James Booked for Rumble & WrestleMania

– Both Mick Foley and BG James have had to adjust their schedule with the WrestleReunion events in Los Angeles (January) and Miami (March) due to commitments with WWE.

Foley, BG James and Billy Gunn are off the Sunday Legends breakfast for the Los Angeles WrestleReunion because Foley and James have to go to St. Louis for WWE’s Royal Rumble. Instead, they will be doing a Q&A session that Friday at 4pm. For the Miami WrestleReunion, James and Gunn have been moved to the Saturday VIP session instead of Sunday, since James is needed at WrestleMania 28.

No word yet on WWE’s plans for Foley at the Royal Rumble and James is reportedly working as an agent.

– Regarding R-Truth’s suspension, word is that he was informed he failed the Wellness test around the same time as Evan Bourne but was never told he would be suspended and didn’t know he was being suspended until November 22nd, the day WWE announced it.

WWE creative also weren’t told about the suspension until it happened. As noted before, Vince is turning R-Truth babyface when he returns in part because he sees great potential in Little Jimmy merchandise. Truth’s turn is also being done because Vince feels RAW only has two over babyfaces, John Cena and CM Punk, and if one of them gets hurt then the depth would be worse than it is now.


  • adam

    If they keep him as the conspiercy nut and have him blame cena and the man for everything it could work as a face or as a tweener. But dont have him go back to being the whats up whats up dancing guy cause that sucked. IF road dogg comes back for the rumble that will be awesome. Foley im not so sure about. But the bigger pop is if road dogg and mr.ass come out at the same time to the outlaws theme.

  • poko

    If they keep him dangerous, keep him edgy, then it could work. Let him keep insulting Cena and talking about a conspiracy. The fans love that. Hell, I love that. Just put him in feuds with other heels, and he can be a ‘tweener.

  • MWDynomite

    He could be a neutral character. Like before Awesome Truth started he had was a lot more over with the whole Jimmy Hart sketch and when he said he was afraid of heights for the MITB ladder match. He could definitely pull it off if he went neutral.

  • TS93

    Miz v truth wm28. I don’t like it but it’ll happen. I keep hoping Vickie screws dolph and he turns face and goes against swagger/Vickie

  • Tombstonepiledriver

    Truth could be a good face if done right. Zack Ryder’s character is still way to silly to me.

  • me

    truth was a terrible face, and a mediocre heel, what makes vince think that’s going to change anytime soon?

  • KGM Da Master

    Alright enough is enough. R-Truth is not going to get pushed, heel or face. Truth should become champion but that will not happen. Vince is not a bright creative mind anymore but neither are his fans. Jomo? Morrison SHOULD be the one who becomes a heel! When was the last time Jomo had a REAL title run? When he was a heel and no one liked him. Since he’s been good, he’s become a jobber. Truth should be a face, only because of the kids though. This is where fans lose touch with reality, Truth had every kid dancing and singing when he came out. His heel run was more embarrasing than his dancing. I think one fan nailed it on the head, just do not make Truth dance. Ron Simmons would not have danced if he were still a supreme athlete like Truth. Just saying, brown athletes will need to demand more recognition in this industry. Peace

  • ohhh u didnt no

    I hope road doggs in the rumble he’d still get over huge!!!

  • sandman

    umm what about zach ryder that dude is way over and no need to turn jack swager he is better as heel and so is r truth

  • Jason

    Kinda sucks. He’s definitely over as a heel. Well now I guess nobody is gonna get got. Maybe him & BG James will have a reunion at the Rumble lol.

  • PinkSinCara

    Just please don’t bring back the dancing. I can’t take it.

  • chronoxiong

    R-Truth is probably going back to singing his “What’s Up” song hoping to get the fans to sing along when he has already told everyone they suck with his remix. Lol…

  • ced

    truth should remain heel but the big problem for wwe right now is whether to turn cena heel.this whole feud with rock has really weakened cena’s rep as a tough sure vince is regreting the whole angle.if he stays a face,i dont see how he can even headline wrestlemania in future with any of the top wwe talent or even get a shot at ending takers streak.
    His (cena’s) movie career also seems to have stalled,so he needs to refresh his whole gimmick.

  • donners

    if they do it right, then truth could keep the mental gimmick but turn face too.

    they explain that the SCF on the ramp made him even more nuts…. hell, he could even walk around telling people that HE’s little jimmy because he can’t remember who he is!! the amnesia caused by miz makes him forget that they were partners and all he wants is revenge, and so on.

    if they think this through and do it right, it could be hillarious!!

  • Sean Mooney

    I think turning R-Truth is his punishment. Sucks, I don’t want to see “A GOOD R-TRUTH”.

  • TheMark

    Truth doesn’t need to be a heel – he just needs to keep the crazyness. At the moment he’s coming out with some funny shit; not really a heel thing to do anyway.

  • bic boi

    I’d buy a little jimmy shirt

  • Tyler(:

    LOL someone mentioned attitude era.

  • steven

    I say Truth…(the fans chant what)….(truth say’s DON’T WHAT ME)!!LOL should be kept as a massive Heel! Extend JoMo’s contract, Seriously push Zack Ryder, and push Drew McIntyre. I mean who could ever forget that EPIC promo with Truth saying “You kick my dog, I’MA KICK YO CAT!”LMAO now that was AWESOME!! and plus the Fans already have a BIG JIMMY (Cena)!

  • venom


    Even if that did happen, nobody cares about wrestling anymore. The Rock came back and ratings still didn’t get over 4. I think R-Truth should stay as a heel. Maybe he’ll be a tweener with the insane gimmick.

  • josh

    They should have one 3 hour Raw, where it is ALL Attitude Era wrestlers. Advertise it and make sure there are no leaks on who’s preforming. It would be the highest rated Raw EVER!

  • Buttercastle

    Yeah keep him a heel, or a least keep his “personality”. The promo he gave about pigeons at Survivor Series was funny as hell.

  • Edo. Risk

    Few faces? how obot this: extend JoMo’s contract or turn Swagger, and get behind thoose guys, but not truth, he sucked big time as a face… Ron Simmons ‘DAMN!’

  • Seth

    Raw has only two faces, are you serious bro?

  • Dave

    Punk is the best thing in WWE right now.

  • Bill

    Maybe R-Truth could just fight heel wrestlers, but keep his insane personality. Now, if he goes back to “What’s Up?”, then we all can be pissed.

  • grizz

    Punk is not a babyface, he is a horse’s ass.

  • ironcross

    People saying Bourne snitched and he didn’t LOSERS
    anyway, R Truth got “got”

  • CC

    The whole fucking reason R-Truth is over now is because he is a heel. Turn him back to a face and he will be back where he started for fucksake.
    That said, the dirtsheets said for months that Miz was turning face, and that never happened either.

  • Sammo

    R-Truth as a heel has been awesome. I don’t think a face-turn would be massively wise.

    How cool would it be if Jesse James was a surprise entrant for the Royal Rumble? The crowd would pop huge as soon as “OH, YOU DIDN’T KNOW?” blasted out.

  • Stevie P

    No no no no no no no! R-Truth as a heel was the best thing that was done for him! Man he was an amazing heel and such a boring face. Please don’t let this be true.