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Plans For WrestleMania Main Events, Lagana Recalls McMahon Tearing His Quads

As always, plans are subject to change, but as of last night, the two main events planned for Wrestlemania have:

– The Miz vs. John Cena for the WWE championship
– Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight title

– Check out for a blog posted by Dave Lagana which recalls the Rumble PPV where Batista went out by accident when trying to toss out John Cena. This lead to Vince McMahon storming the ring and tearing both of his quads entering the ring.

Partial Credit: Dave Meltzer

  • Doomsdae

    @Max2202 weren’t you watching Raw???? Sheamus can’t win it bc the WWE is being defended in a one on one match. DUMBASS!

  • john peeler

    the only match at wm 27 i am interested in is wade barrett vs undertaker .

  • TomC

    NASH v TAKER !!

  • Max2202

    I think Rey Mysterio will win the World Heavyweight Championship at Elimination Chamber, then he’ll face Alberto Del Rio at
    WrestleMania XXVII and King Sheamus will win the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, leaving it open for Triple H to return and win the WWE Championship off him at WM XXVII. The Miz and Orton will probably face each other (again) and Edge and Ziggler will face each other.

  • Davey Zoo

    I would like Cristian added to the WHC match for a triple threat it could be like a Benoit vs HHH vs Michaels. But you people, you already know that 😉


    the new nexus are probably going to be in a fued with randy orton.

    barrett vs taker at mania

  • Ron

    This is absolutely pathetic. Wrestlemania Main Events are suppose be something special, I can tune into RAW or SMACKDOWN on any given week and watch these two matches. Miz is not a good main eventer, and Albert del Rio needs more years with WWE to reach that point, (same as Miz). I as a wrestler myself and a wrestling fan will NOT be watching mania for this maineven

  • Satan

    Lmao Vince tearing his quads i remember that so Batista going out was an accident?


    is everyone forgetting elimination chamber?

    last year both champions lost their titles.

    why does everyone assume they will retain this year.

  • john edwards

    I think they will defiantly have The new Nexus vs The core. Not sure who will face undertaker yet?

  • Adam

    @yechiel Don’t forget about the “pathetic geezer” keeping his undefeated streak alive. Hulk Hogan is the “pathetic geezer” you should be making fun of, not the Undertaker.

  • Rich

    i meant wrestlemania

  • Rich

    @yechiel…noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…he’s not ready to carry the world heavyweight championship yet..if del rio wins at wrestlemania then he will be able to say he is the new Mr. Wresltemania..we’ll never hear the end of it..i hope to god your prediction is prediction..christian will return and cost del rio the world heavyweight championship agaist edge since del rio put him out of action and edge is his best friend

  • yechiel{israel}

    i’m callin’ it right now,golden boy wins the belt at mania,a hugh shocker.

  • Rich

    @ ryan..or they could make it a fatal 4 way match with the miz john cena randy orton and cm skunk..the nexus vs the core probably will take place too and probably the undertaker vs wade barrett and king sheamus vs triple h again

  • orton and punk wont be added to the wwe title match it was reported orton would vs punk at mania and with punk costing him the win at RR it all looks as planned

  • Dee durp


    The babyface World Heavyweight champion is scheduled to face the heel Royal Rumble winner, and the heel WWE champion is scheduled to face the top babyface that he eliminated from the Royal Rumble?

    How do these dirt sheets get their information?!?!!

    Next they’ll be suggesting that Orton/Punk is currently on the books for Mania. ……or something equally insane.

  • Rich

    Fuckin dumb asses..why would they spoil the elimination chamber for us..freakin jerks

  • Rich

    I’m predicting that they add either cm punk or randy orton to the wwe championship match