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Rumor Of Backstage Altercation At Raw, WWE Promoting Wade Barrett’s Return

– A rumor surfaced online Monday alleging that Brock Lesnar and Ryback were involved in a physical altercation this afternoon at Raw at the AT&T Center in San Antonio, Texas during rehearsal for Lesnar’s segment.

According to numerous sources backstage at the event, nothing of the sort happened as there was no confrontation, physical or otherwise.

– WWE aired a vignette on Raw promoting the return of Wade Barrett. Barrett, who was shown sporting a beard, Barrett proclaimed that he had to go back to his roots in underground fighting to rediscover himself.

Barrett has been sidelined since the February 20 Raw; he suffered a partially dislocated elbow while catching Dolph Ziggler, who was thrown out of the ring by Big Show during a battle royal. During his time away from the ring, Barrett shot a supporting role in the WWE Studios film Dead Man Down. He will return to action beginning Thursday for SmackDown’s two-show tour of Tokyo, Japan at Ryogoku Kokugika.


  • Tombstone

    @SYM—-Hell at least I dont try to blame half my post on someone else.

  • Dave

    I was sceptical about this as soon as I heard it. Ryback is actually supposedly thought of as being a really nice guy backstage.

  • SYM

    Fucking fake SYM! I know your JohnCena33 get a fucking life

  • Jimbo

    Too bad Brock didn’t F5 him into oncoming traffic.

  • yofits

    I hope Ryback gets fired for his altercation.
    Ryback sucks.

    Also, Wade Barrett with the beard looks like Damien Sandow.

  • SYM

    @Tombstone Riddle me this. Do you have so much time on your hands that you find it fitting to try and insult someone in two consecutive articles, or are you just a sad miserable person who thinks they are Cool for insulting someone over the internet.

  • SYM

    Brock would absolutely destroy Skip “Ryback”.

  • Tombstone

    According to another more reliable source, SYM had an altercation at his home. It all started when his little sister stole his Barbi corvette and crashed it into the cats litter box.

  • Byron

    I would like to see Brock Lesnar start a feud with RyBack.

  • polish hammer

    yes you can get pink eye from farting on a pillow but you have to be bare ass classic

  • Hank

    About time the best heel on the roster came back. Still think they’re gonna misuse him, though. At least he’s on tv again.

  • SYM

    According to same source that made up the False rumor, Brock Lesnar farted on Ryback’s pillow causing his Pink Eye! Greatest One was right!