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Rumor on What Caused Randy Orton to Violate the WWE Wellness Policy

– Super Luchas Magazine, a usually reputable magazine from Mexico, reports that Randy Orton violated the WWE Wellness Policy after testing positive for Dianabol and marijuana.

Marijuana isn’t punishable by suspension in WWE, just a $2,500 fine. The report states that Orton tested positive for marijuana, was fined and then tested again for other substances where he tested positive for use of Dianabol. Dianabol (methandrostenolone) is an orally-effective anabolic steroid. Dianabol was commonly used by bodybuilders until Congress banned it under the Controlled Substances Act.

There is no confirmation to this rumor yet so take it for what it’s worth.

  • SYM

    It was caused because Randy Orton wasn’t listening to X-Pac’s theme.

  • Tommy

    Is everyone stupid it’s a work, Jericho who was meant to be his feud was suspended , so they give him tv time off till cm punk v d Bryan is over then have face v face straight edge v reckless party goer . It’s a work ! He hasn’t got a feud and the will have randy v punk at summerslam

  • little jimmy

    wish you could get hold of proper dianabol not the stuff made today.

  • ^^^^ Oh yeah that too

  • bb

    i use to drinks and pot i alwasy get trouble or fucked up , i stop beers. only pot it help my relax and control good. trust me i dont heavy drugs, just pots that all…

  • SYM

    @BlaH u forgot inhale, exhale, & pass it.

  • scooter

    only the testicles shrink

  • Robinson

    That woukd be pretty cool to sell I bag to Orton though he can probably get some great stuff. But I agree it can mess with you motor skills amd in matches you can be holding you coworkers life in your hand.

  • The Godfather

    Roll a fatty for this pimp daddy, light that blunt up and say PIMPIN AINT EASY!

  • Buttercastle

    I guess because smoking it alters your state of being. There are no benefits that it gives you besides getting high, unless of course it’s medically administered. Now everyone who defends weed always shoots right to the alcohol card, and says its not illegal (yet chances are if they smoke weed they probably also drink too). Well no but there are laws about when/where you can even drink. People say drunk drivers kill people all the time. Ok so if they legalize smoking weed how many drunk drivers are going to turn into “high drivers”? Legalize it or not people will still smoke it recreationally because nothing anyone says or does is going to change their mind. They defend marijuana like its their life blood and will even argue that until people try it they have no right to hate it.

  • Maxwell

    I heard Steriods decrease the size of a mans cock, randy can spare, he has a huge cock, legit i heard it was like 9 inches..fuck lol, mines only 7.6 inches

  • Keith Learmonth

    By the logic of “Natural” should be “Legal”, it should be okay for wrestlers to smoke opium, too. That’s mostly just liquid scraped from a flower bud. It’s the fact that it can affect motor skills that makes it not suitable for use in a job that requires you to be at the peak of coordination and timing.

    I do believe it should be legal, but not in the workplace, you know?

  • Jimbotron

    But when he comes back he’ll automatically get put into a world title feud.

  • bb

    Haha way to go randy, ill pot with him for sure! High time!

  • Eddie Money

    While I’m all for legalization, why is marijuana not punishable under the WWE wellness policy? Could it be because they know the majority of the locker room is likely to test positive? That makes the policy look like a joke which wasnt all that credible to begin with and as a result you’re going to have guys treating it as such.

  • Simon

    Why is a naturally growing substance banned in the first place?Opening a whole new ball game with that there. As for Orton, well, he was coasting for a while with nothing substantial to do, now diffrent people can get a bit more time.

  • Josh

    Marijuana is a herb right? Natural. Why should wrestlers be suspended for partaking of a natural substance? Steroids… fair game. Given a choice between tiny balls or smaller muscles, I’d take smaller muscles any day of the week. Besides, if Orton carries on his bitch bits are gonna need a bra.

  • Roll it
    Lick it
    Light it
    Like that

  • Bill

    Why is it that real marijuana doesn’t lead to a suspension, but fake marijuana does? R-Truth & Evan Bourne got suspended for the latter, right? I say both should lead to suspensions.