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Rumor on Jeff Hardy Being Interested In a WWE Return

– There are a lot of rumblings within TNA that Jeff Hardy is looking to return to WWE when his current contract expires in early 2013.

The feeling is that Hardy wants to return to WWE for one more big run and make a bunch of money because he lost a lot with the legal troubles he has had over the past few years.

We noted before that TNA had Hardy win the Bound For Glory Series because they want to keep him happy. TNA really wants Hardy to stay as he is their biggest merchandise seller. The feeling is that TNA may put the World Heavyweight Title on Hardy to try and persuade him to re-sign.

Source: PWInsider

  • confuzzled

    if he gets one last run that only lasts a month then wwe would make a buttload of money from the merchandise anyway… way more than they would pay him so they’d be dumb not to.
    and the people who say he’s cm punks bitch… who was it that created cm punk in the first place with one of the better feuds… oh yeah twas samoa joe in roh… oh well go fetch me my coat my keys are in there

  • aaron

    The big problem with Jeff Hardy coming back to WWE would be that the reason Hardy gets in trouble with the heavier drugs is the consistent road days and weeks. I would love to see him back in WWE but it would be in Jeff Hardy’s best interest to stay where he doesn’t have as many work days so the threat of needing a stronger fix for his pains.
    I know he is said to be cured and wants to have one last ride I get that. But Jeff needs to be smart here. He doesn’t have any more chances left if he gets busted. Hell I bet WWE is betting for him to come back so they can work it in his contract if he is fired due to drug related reasons he may never return to the WWE or any of it’s competitors.

  • Jeremy

    Jeff Hardy will draw in fans, could become a top babyface, and sell a shit load of merchandise. you don’t think vince sees nothing but $$$s with him? lol thats all its about

  • Eve’s left nipple

    If Jeff returned the only thing i could see being interesting is a feud with Punk because of the way he went out. Apart from that not much at all and its unlikely they would have one of the faces of the company go down to some drug addicted spot monkey.

  • Jeremy

    Thank you ricardo…..cant believe I read that lol. The Hardy Boyz are one of the main reasons I got interested in the WWE, WWF then

  • Swag master

    I think cena should loose the rivalry between him and punk and make punk say I am the best in the world and when people lease expect hardys music hits 🙂 that would be great ???

  • Hank Moody


    Fuck off Jeff, you’re the biggest embarassment in the history of the business.

  • Robinson

    It would be dumb on wwe’s part to have Hardy come back. He’s damaged goods and hasnt respected himself, his coworker’s or either companies in past. I’ve never been a Jeff fan because i feel he’s just used as a Mick Foley type with having big falls and throwing his body on the line, I dont feel that makes a good wrestler it just makes him crazy. Due to the past few years I dont believe he deserves a chance back in the WWE and still needs to redeem himself in TNA. The thing that happened with the sting match IMO let a lot of people down and damaged his credibility for the rest of his career.

  • Undertaker

    Punk will go down for being randy orton and rey mysterios b**ch. And jeff should come back.

  • Dan

    Could end up being Punk’s Wrestlemania match, Hardy wanting retribution for losing the “loser leaves WWE” match. Especially as it widely believed Punk will lose to Rock at the Rumble and Cena vs Rock 2 will be at Mania.

  • d

    i imagine wwe would be willing to give jeff hardy a lighter schedule ( maybe 2 house shows a week plus tv). besides if you bring jeff back it allows you to turn cena or orton heel ( prolly orton as he wants to and wwe wont turn cena)

  • voice of reason

    but isnt the wwe trying to distance themselves from tna due to legal issues.

  • Bobobobobo

    The only was to make CM Punk a true heel is to bring back Jeff Hardy

  • Jerk Factor

    Oh jeez imagine if Jeff Hardy turns out like Ric Flair, wrestling into his 60’s still dancing around like a dumb arse with the make up on

  • adam

    I’d like to see jeff return to wwe have a wrestlmania match with cm punk. Also tna does giving the title really insure they are going to stay look what happened to devon. Do you want jeff to leave with your world title.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I honestly believe that Jeff has turned this around, anyway. The guy has a family now. I doubt that he’d take the risk of fucking that up.

  • Sammo

    “indule” should say “indulge”… Because indule isn’t a word.

  • Sammo

    @Dave – WWE hasn’t really got time to indule him in a few more “trouble-free” years. he’s already 35 years old and his style of wrestling has left him pretty broken down already. I don’t think his body will let him carry on beyond 40.

  • Anh

    NO! NO! NO! NO!

  • Dave

    I reckon the WWE will insist on him having a few trouble free years, before they look to re-sign him. If he goes off the rails again, it could seriously hurt WWEs image. And they are being oh so careful to protect that right now.

  • Ricardo

    Hardy is Punk’s bitch? That’s fine. Punk will go down in History (if ever) for being Rocky’s bitch. And I’m being nice – that’s a far greater privilege than he deserves.

  • Sammo

    I’d love to see Jeff Hardy back in WWE… Sure, he’s not as agile as he was five years ago, and his chequered past always means that hiring him is a gamble… But he has a rock-star presence and drawing power that simply can’t be taught.

    It’s very, very rare that a wrestler will appeal to men, women and children alike – but Jeff Hardy ticks all those boxes.

    I don’t watch TNA, but I’m surprised to read that Jeff isn’t a regular fixture in the main event scene there.

  • Aiden1990

    Hardy will go down in history as being cm punks bitch

  • Jimbo

    No…… no no NO NO NO NO!!!! NO!!!!! NOOOO!!!!! NOOOO!!!!!

  • Ant

    I hope he comes back, we need another face on smackdown. But the thing is he NEEDS to get off the drugs which will be hard for him but worth it since WWE sure pays them the big $$

  • Frank

    I can’t see Hardy coming back for a full time schedule.