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Rumor Killer: Why WWE Cancelled Talking Smack

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Television ratings matter. Even in a subscription-based network system the number of times a certain program is viewed does go on to reflect its overall appeal. Believe it or not, you can tell how many people are actually watching a show by looking at the numbers. It’s even easier in a subscription-based system like WWE Network because they can get an exact number of how many people have watched a show and they can probably tell how many times it was clicked on or how much of the program was viewed as well.

The fact is pro wrestling television shows have been canceled in the past. History is littered with the broken dreams of television producers who thought they had a winning formula for pro wrestling and it turned out they still couldn’t draw enough people to make it worth the station overlord’s time.

When Talking Smack was canceled people all over the internet lost their minds. There has been a petition started to bring back the show that already has over 11,000 signatures. If you’d like to join the campaign you can click here and share it around.  But the fact of the matter is Talking Smack isn’t gone for good. It’s just gone on a weekly basis.

People are acting like we’ll never see Renee Young on that pop-up television set ever again. But Talking Smack was just canceled as a weekly show. There are still plans for it air after SmackDown PPVs.

There were some people out there in the wonderful world of social media wondering if Talking Smack was canceled because Vince McMahon didn’t like the show. But Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer was quick to point out that logically isn’t the case. If The Chairman Of The Board would have hated Talking Smack then it wouldn’t even be coming back on a part-time basis.

  • Solid

    “Believe it or not, you can tell how many people are actually watching a show by looking at the numbers.” Seriously…. tell me you read that before you posted it?

  • TheFizPop

    “Television ratings matter” Riiiiiight, thanks for the loool! This sites on a roll atm!

  • Arnold Jackson

    It was better than 205 Live.