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Rumor on Lesnar & WrestleMania 29, Updated List of Stars at Nash Party, More

– WWE Studios’ Bending the Rules with Edge and Jamie Kennedy hits stores on DVD today.

– The updated list of names for Sean Waltman and Kevin Nash’s WrestleMania party this Friday night at Oceans Ten in Miami includes Diamond Dallas Page, Sunny, Rikishi, The Headbangers, David Hart Smith, Rob Terry and Robbie E.

– As we have noted, former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson and her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez will be attending WrestleMania 28 in Miami, with Torrie live blogging on her social media accounts. Torrie and A-Rod will indeed be sitting ringside.

– reports that Brock Lesnar is at least interested in a match against The Undertaker or Steve Austin for WrestleMania 29.

  • Greg

    Punk vs Austin, are you all retarded? Austin should be up against Undertaker.

  • Jason L

    The vids that The Headbangers made FINALLY got them SOMETHING.

  • Soulshroude

    A bunch of no names at a wash out party… alrighty, then!

  • D2K

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Austin/Taker at Wrestlemania next year. If anyone has a legitimate chance at ending the streak it would be Austin. His win/loss record against Taker is pretty good. Also, it would be historic from the standpoint that Austin’s first professional match was against the Undertaker (The Punisher) way back in the 80s in which Taker won in a squash. How fitting would it be for Austin to end the Undertaker’s career.

    However, if WWE ever has any aspirations of having a WM at Cowboys Stadium, I would much rather they save that match for that venue.

  • DuffmanLovesHimSomeWrestling

    Lesnar to half ass another WrestleMania match. Yawn.

  • 1919dpg

    austin vs lesnar would have been a dangerous match for austin. lesnars way too high impact for a retired austin.

    i can’t imagine austin takin the repeat powerbobms, backbreakers, and the f5 which could be too much whiplash for his repaired neck.

    austin should face punk who will be easier to work with aswell as better storyline wise since it’ll be straight edge vs alchoholic..

  • D2K

    However, I would say that if there is a Rock/Cena III than Punk/Austin probably won’t happen. Punk has stated that Austin deserves to have his final Wrestlemania match be unique and not juts one amongst many. I agree. Rock/Cena have their slot this year. Punk/Austin deserve theirs next year.

  • D2K

    Since WWE is running out of ideas, time, and talent I wouldn’t expect much more than what has already been suggested. I think the Sting/Taker ship has sailed so Lesnar/Taker would make more sense.

    Punk/Austin is all but a lock to happen. Nothing more needs to be said there.

    Rock/Cena III (if a second match happens) would have to have something more than just the typical rubber match ramifications to it. Career ending match, HITC, No Holds Barred, WWE title, something extra.

  • Jon-Jon

    Cena vs Rock
    Austin vs Punk
    Lesnar vs Taker

    If Lesnar comes back, this will more than likely be the 3 main event matches at next year’s show.

  • Men on a Mission

    Lesnar v. Taker at WM29… make it happen!

    @ “Bad Man” Bigelow – I don’t see that many matches happening with the older guys, much less having two returns with Brock and Austin on the same Mania. I think the next Mania will be built around the return of either Lesnar or Austin, but not both.

    Personally, I don’t want to see Triple H vs. Michaels again, especially since they are billing this year’s match the “end of an era” with Taker/HHH/Michaels. That implies that we won’t be seeing these guys in a ring again, or Taker will finally lose.

  • KC

    Yea I sit here thinking what if Eric Bischoff would of been able to keep tnt for Monday Nitro would wcw had a chance to pull it out and be on top again . cause Eric had the money to buy Wcw but turner was tired of wrestling on his channel and Eric didn’t have a channel at the time and I feel this happens when you get greedy and buy your competition Vince you start to go stale nd bring in people for 1 to 4 shows and poof ya good for the moment but within days there 15 min fame all gone and its over how I miss the old days 5:05 to 7:05 that raspy voice of Gordon Solie welcoming us well I close in saying wish a rich Man Like Ted Turner buy us a real Wrestling show

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow

    Brock Lesnar vs. Undertaker
    C.M. Punk vs. Stone Cold
    Triple H Vs. Shawn Michaels (assuming HBK screws HHH)
    The Rock Vs. John Cena III (assuming they have a rematch at Summerslam, but I’d be fine with just WM 28)
    Not sure about Jericho, Christian, Orton, Sheamus, or Bryan.

    Those four matches though would no doubt top WM 28 (which I expect to be greater than people are expecting), and possibly be the greatest Wrestlemania ever.

    And Wrestelmania 30, Taker/Cena, Taker retires…… and wins.

  • Bill

    What? No! Not against Austin at least. It was okay for Rock to come back after so many years because he was a legend for so many years. Lesnar was pushed to the top by everyone & left after 2 years. I mean, maybe he could face Undertaker IF Taker really wanted to, but CM Punk, who’s worked hard for 6 years, has the right to face Austin at WM, not Lesnar.

  • Prince

    Next year at 29. Cena vs Rock again. Taker vs Lesnar. Austin vs Punk. Then the 2 titles matches. If that happens, it could be better than 28.

  • heyfit

    brock lesnar vs mason ryan or the great khali.

  • ogitchida

    next years Wrestlemania Undertaker vs Sting and Brock Lesnar vs Stone Cold Steve Austin and Rock vs John Cena vs CM Punk and Chris Jericho vs ……. OH WAIT, Chris won’t even be around, so its all good…… just my opinion…

  • JustanotherFickleHypocriteWWEfan

    oh great so we get another chance to hear sell out bs about another guy. seriously buildint up WM around guys who are not full time is insane! i know wwe is lacking stars atm, but build them up or atleast really try. having manias now being about one match a year wrestlers is not good. but as we know wwe is about money and style over substance.

  • nick

    Lesnar vs Taker, but it would have to be a hell in a cell

  • Splash

    Lesnar & Ziggler will hopefully have a match before WM 29 if Brock comes back for a little run. Dolph selling Lesnar’s move set would put a fish out of water squirming around to shame.

  • KKK

    Rock VS Brock should be at Summer Slam to make it 10 year anniversary from there last match

  • This Guy

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I will…

  • Eddy

    WM29 Brock vs Rock
    mark my words