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Rumor on a New WWE TV Role for Mark Henry, More Planned SummerSlam Matches

– Directors The Soska Twins have been hyping an announcement for WWE Studios’ See No Evil 2 starring Kane, so we will likely get the debut trailer and a release date at the San Diego Comic Con next week.

– Mark Henry is rumored to be returning to WWE TV for the new stable with Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E that we saw form on RAW.

– Besides Brock Lesnar vs. John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at SummerSlam, the other top matches are Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton and Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose.

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  • CC

    You know what makes me laugh with comments like yours? When you start going on about hating internet marks, when thats exactly what you are as well … you just dont realise it.
    If you are really naive enough to believe that this stable is being stuck together purely because they are black, then I pity you. Its been done to death, same as stables that are specifically all hispanic.
    When you have an all white group its never because they are specifically all white, and they never play to that, but to this day we still have the “we must stick together brothers” type ethnic groups, and even TNA is doing it.
    Its just as boring as bringing in a Russian and having him make hate speeches about America.

  • Mike Wells

    Must be the return of the Nation! Bring back Faarooq as a manager. I’ve been saying this ever since Big E wore the Nation colours!

  • Shawn OB

    All I’m interested in this new alliance is a possible new direction for Kofi.

  • JustBeingReal

    It makes for a better storyline that will attract the interest more than Cena’s title run. No one said when evolution reformed about “Have we not moved beyond the white guys stick together gimmick yet?”. Stop being so judgmental before you know what’s going to happen. That’s why I hate internet marks that think they know everything about wrestling ,but in all reality, would run the company into the ground if they booked just 1 hour of Raw or Smackdown. GIve the storyline a chance!

  • CC

    Have we not moved beyond the black guys stick together gimmick yet?

  • Chisox4ever