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Partial source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre will debut a new theme song on this week’s SmackDown.

– The January 22nd episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown scored a 2.2 broadcast rating with 3.463 million viewers.

– There is speculation that Bret Hart is being paid $500,000 for the current storyline in WWE plus a big WrestleMania bonus.

  • Fata Morgana

    All the Bret Hart Haters here can coast to coast su*c*k di*g*. Go and support your SUPERMAN John Cena, Bret Hart is STILL The Best There Is, The Best There Was & The Best There EVER Will Be !! Can you di’g’ that ?!

  • Bryan

    I don’t care if Bret ever wrestle again. I have followed his career for years. I’m just glad to see him back in a WWE ring. I think he would bring alot to the table by just being a agent and writing scripts. He was the best story teller to ever step inside of a wrestling ring. Welcome back Hitman!

  • Paton

    sorry but Bret not doing what his boss wanted him to do 12 years ago is not “classy”, we all have to do what our boss says, why should Bret be exempt?

  • Matthew

    rko…really dude, really? People have been begging for a bret/vince match since the montreal screwjob. If anything, think that the bret/vince match and the cena/batista match at WM will be well worth it. as far as a tag match goes, that might happen if the wanna build both fueds even better. Like Daniel Stockwell said, after the whole bret/vince fued is over, WWE will be raking in cash hand over fist, and get more respect because they finally brought hitman back, gave him one last match, and allowed him to lock vince in the sharpshooter. IMO, the 12+ year wait is more than well worth it. And add to the Cena/Batista match, which should be decent considering those two never faced each other before…

  • The Truth

    Look, I’m not going to get into the bashing other comments on here. But the significance of Bret Hart just hosting Raw is extremely important, not just for Bret Hart, but for Shawm Michaels and Vince McMahon. Yes, I agree a match with Bret Hart and Vince McMahon at Mania would be terrible. The idea of the Cena w/ Bret vs Batista w/ McMahon, kind of like the Lashley/Umaga match, would be a good idea. Though, the most likely ending is the one rKo said. Bret Hart was/is one of the most recognizable names and wrestling figures in history and the way his career ended with the WWE was terrible, for him and the WWE. This new storyline is not only significant money-wise but it’s significant for the closure on the entire Montreal screw job and the bitter ending to a great wrestler’s career. Who cares about ratings? Who cares about how much money they make? As wrestling fans, us seeing Bret back into the WWE should be satisfying, especially taking EVERYTHING into consideration. Yes, Bret looks awkward when on the offense. Yes, Bret doesn’t have the mic skills he once had. Yes, Bret has limitations. But who cares??? The important factor is that Bret Hart is back in the WWE and hopefully everything with his bitter past can become just that…..the past.

  • http://www.wrestling-edge.com Amish Patel

    RedForce has been banned from commenting.

  • CptCannabis

    RedForce seeems like the type we should ban from the comments. Seed pumping should only be discussed in private, or groups of like-minded people.

  • Valo487

    To anyone saying it wasn’t worth the money to someone who can’t take a bump, THEY KNOW THAT. So they paid the money knowing his ability to be physically involved was minimal.

    Also, to keep things in perspective, Randy Orton got paid the same amount as a bonus for that abomination of a match at WM25, and who knows what the Nose-in-law got paid for the same one match, so I think getting a WWF legend back in the ring for the first time in over a decade for what they pay people to have a terrible main event at their biggest show ever seems reasonable, especially considering all the merchandise they can sell and the possibilities this opens up for more collaborations between Bret and WWE in the future.

  • Devil_Rising

    Redforce, you should be run over by a f*cking truck. Over and over and over again.

    He couldn’t have “come back” 10 years ago either, retard. Because of GOLDBERG, someone a shitbox like you probably likes, he had post concussion syndrome, even BEFORE he had his biking accident, that caused his STROKE, that caused him to have to LEARN TO F*CKING WALK all over again.

    People like you should be shot in the face, for real.

    Bret Hart is lucky to be walking at all. And WWE fans are lucky to have him back on the show in ANY capacity, for ANY length of time, because he is one of the classiest individuals, who did the MOST for his fans, in wrestling history.

    Plus, it’s actually giving people a reason to WATCH Raw.

  • rick james bish

    As much as I respect Bret, I agree with AJ and (somewhat) Redforce. The Screw Job was huge when it happened, because it was in a completely different era of wrestling.
    Back then it was unheard of that a guy who worked so hard and did so much for the business would legitimately get screwed over like he did. But WWE isn’t about paying dues or getting backstage respect anymore. In the current era, every promo, spot and push is scripted to the letter.
    WWE’s target fan base prefers models, scripts and fancy moves over hard working guys with heart and determination. Most current WWE fans don’t even know who Bret Hart is – let alone care.

    A Bret Hart who can no longer wrestle (and who was never very good on the mic) is not going to interest the new fans, and having him coming back to give a scripted “resolution” to one of the realest moments in wrestling history should be an embarrassment to those of us who have grown up with wrestling.
    I disagree with those who say Bret coming back is a sign of appreciation to the fans of the old era. IMO its just another bad marketing gimmick

  • Spy

    Honestly redforce has a point sure he was harsh but Bret is OLD. And if he’s in better condition now then that’s pretty bad. He can’t wrestle and he can hardly move. Granted it IS good to see him get closure but honestly Bret doing a match would be a terrible decision. They should have someone wrestle FOR him with him attacking at the end or something. There I said it Bret is great but he’s old and can no longer be the “old” Bret we grew up watching

  • stockshark

    Why Cena dosent he get enough air time already!!!

  • stockshark

    The one thing that doesnt make sense with the whole Brett Hart thing at least to me is in as bad shape Brett is why does he come out to the ring alone WHERE is the Hart Dynasty during all this is would only make sense that they be there? At least then they could take the bumps for him and protect him? They could have McMahon have Batista and maybe a couple of other wrestlers beat the hell out of the Dynasty as an example to Brett then this could lead to the Hart Dynasty finally getting a well deserved push!!!!

  • Rated E-dgehead

    @rkO- If Bret came back years ago it would be worse. He’s in better shape now than he has been in years. He couldn’t walk until a few years ago, so he’s actually less crippled now.

    Just appreciate the significance of this. I never expected Bret to let things go and especially do an angle off of it. All Bret has to do is knock Vince around a bit at WM and put him in the sharpshooter and mission accomplished. This is wrestling history right here.

  • rk0

    Yeah a Bret/McMahon match would be atrocious just by watching the way Bret was attacking Vince. It sucks that it took him so long to come back because a match between them at mania could have been somewhat descent, but I think they will just probably go with Cena w/ Bret vs Batista w/ Vince, and during the match Vince tries to screw Cena and is attacked by Bret who locks Vince in the sharpshooter and the distraction lets the almighty Cena get the win over Batista…WWE is just way too predictable now-a-days to be throwing us curveballs.

  • AJ

    I’m going to come to his defense a little bit. I’m certainly not a kid and watched the WWE my entire life. Though the angle is good, ratings have stayed 3.6 and only up a few hundred thousand since Jan. 4. Bret’s looked very awkward in the ring and on the microphone. Bret is limited and I understand, but it doesn’t mean its great television. His match with Vince will be atrocious. Bret lacks a lot of charisma on the microphone as well. The same people that are loving Bret’s return hate Triple H for being on TV so much. News flash…Triple H has decent matches. I’m not saying Bret wouldn’t get some buys and I don’t think he’s getting overpaid, but he’s not saving the WWE. And WWE has sold Bret merch in the past, but the reason its not always sold is because theres no reason to sell if he’s not on TV

  • josh

    well looks like i dont need to add anything except the redforce 44 or who ever got his a** handed to him hahahahaha good job guys

  • zilla

    RedForce 44: Your an Idiot. Bret Hart was my favorite wrestler growing up. You obviously don’t know how much money Hart vs MacMahon can draw even if bret is limited. All we want to see is someone actually execute the sharpshooter correctly!

  • Rob

    Wow I was woundering hy there was all this hate & then I read your post, your clearly a prime example of WWEs childish fanbase if you dont see the significance of Bret coming back. Yes he cant wrestle but thats because of his concussions and add a stroke on top a few years ago, thats hardly going to allow him to step in the ring is it? Bret was one if if not THE best technical wrestlers of the 90’s & considering everything that happend in 97 in Montreal its a huge deal for many of his fans to have him back in the WWE. So while he may not be able to wrestle he can still have a major part in this storyline, so a peice of advice from me? Keep your mouth shut so you dont get layed into by everybody that follows my comments, as many of the people above feel exactly the same way as I do.

  • Chris

    I’m from Red Deer, Alberta which is just an hour away from Calgary where Hart’s from. You bash the hitman again and I’ll just have to bash you! Did you ever think that it’s not Hart’s limitations that matter, but what he stands for and represents? Hogan couldn’t wrestle worth a damn, but his character represented the All American working class. The average American. Unfortunately, now he just represents greed and the hunger for power.

  • Daniel Stockwell

    WOW! How do you reply to a comment like that?

    I’ll keep the hate inside because I’m sure there will be plenty to follow, but I will mention something that will hopefully make you understand why signing Bret for this brief feud will be beneficial. Firstly, WWE will be reaping in rewards from Hart Merchandise that they can resell, not to mention the higher ratings due (almost entirely) by the presence of Bret and not to mention the thousand odd more buys they will get at Mania because of Bret. Heck, my mum loved Bret so she’d order Mania just to see him and she isn’t even a fan of wrestling.

    Trust me, once the Bret/Vince feud is over, WWE will see financial benefits – easily enough to cover the money they are paying Bret himself.

    I’ve not even mentioned the extra respect WWE will get from fans for allowing us to see The Hitman one last time – seriously, in wrestling terms and coming from a pure mark point of view, how much better can you get?

  • Sammo

    ^ I doubt I’ll read a dumber comment this year!

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