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Rumor on Plans for Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, More on Their WWE Debut Last Night

– For what it’s worth, Rob Feinstein of RF Video wrote a post on Facebook last night stating that WWE plans to keep Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards as a tag team and after a few months in NXT, officials would bring them to SmackDown as a tag team to see if they get over. Feinstein also noted that William Regal and Joey Styles had to push Triple H to give them another tryout. We noted earlier this week that Regal went to bat for the Ring of Honor stars and scored them another tryout.

Richards tweeted the following after their match at last night’s NXT tapings:

“@ringofhonor our time may possibly be coming to end. In my heart I will always and proudly be an “ROH GUY”. I’m forever in debt to you.”

We noted that they wrestled as The American Pitbulls at last night’s tapings. For those wondering, they both had new individual names also but our correspondent did not recall what they were.

  • The Killswitch

    Kharma was an excellent name. By far one of my favorites.

  • CC

    To be honest I agree. Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards are just such vanilla names, but that said the new names are probably worse. Wrestlers should have big bold names, not names that sound like they work in McDonalds or an office.
    Plus, every time i hear the name Eddie Edwards, all I can think of is the useless British skier from the 80s Eddie The Eagle Edwards … look him up.

  • Matthew Farrell

    Still better than anything WWE can come up with.

  • The Killswitch

    You gotta admit though, “Eddie Edwards” is a pretty poor ring name. Even if it is his own.

  • There was once a time in wrestling when you would bring wrestlers from other promotions/territories in under the same exact names they worked under elsewhere, because that is what you were “buying”, so to speak, was their name value, and the reputation they had built. “The American Wolves” sounded awesome. “The American Pitbulls”, not so much. Then again, “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson sounded pretty damn good too……….

  • I swear, WWE developmental must just have a computer program that comes up with random, generic, shitty ring names for wrestlers. New guy comes in, they hit the button, boom, new crappy name for you.

  • Karl

    their names are John Cahill (Davey Richards) and Eric Philbin (Eddie Edwards).