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Rumor on TV Appearance for Punk, Latest Superstar Toyz, Del Rio

– Hornswoggle is featured in the latest episode of WWE Superstar Toyz:

– We noted before that Alberto Del Rio is now on Twitter at @VivaDelRio. He tweeted the following on Tuesday:

“Finally, the real Alberto Del Rio is on twitter SORRY fake accounts Time to stop pretending to be me There’s only one essence of excellence”

– We noted before that WWE Champion CM Punk reportedly booked himself an appearance on a popular TV show without WWE’s knowledge because he felt they would have given the role to someone else. It’s no secret that Punk is a big fan of AMC’s The Walking Dead and the un-confirmed rumor is that he will have a special walk-on role in an upcoming episode.

  • josha


    Mother jokes… really?

  • @wcwsaturdaynight

    No, No , No don’t mistake your mother with CM Punk

  • wcwsaturdaynight

    @ The Killswitch maybe CM Punk is the attention whore.

  • The Killswitch

    @What? It doesn’t take a Punk sheep to know you’re an idiot. But it does take an id an attention whore to troll on the internet.

  • what?

    really who with half a brain cares about what cm sucks does i myself would careless if he fell off the face of the earth .come on punk sheep bring on the hate

  • blue4everd

    YES!!!!!!!!!! Oh Gawd YESSS’!!!!!!!

  • xXx

    if it IS TWD, me thinks they’re gonna go with the stereotypes like an inmate or one of the gov’s men..