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*Rumor* – WWE Offer Kanye West $10 Million to Make Three Appearances

A report on urban celebrity news site says that controversial recording artist Kanye West has been offered close to $10 million to come to World Wrestling Entertainment.

The report states that Vince McMahon and WWE have offered Kanye close to $10 million to show up at 3 events – two television appearances and one pay-per-view event.

Word is that if he accepts the offer, Kanye would have to do some “light wrestling.” According to MediaTakeOut, Kanye is “seriously considering” the offer.

While the idea of Kanye in WWE sounds like a great chance for WWE to get some mainstream media attention, take this report as a rumor at best. Several years ago this same site reported rapper Eminem was training to become a WWE superstar (never happened), so consider the source.

  • Joey

    Please God No.

  • Big Dragon

    Gay fish is RAW

  • The Stunner

    Just cuz the man creates media attention is the only reason WWE would even consider Kanye. Like WWE can dig their own hole any deeper.

  • Kanye West

    ‘Yo WWE. I’m really happy for you and what you’ve done for sports entertainment, but TNA wrestling is one of the best wrestling companies of all time!’

  • The Truth

    Well I heard from a friend of a friend’s plumber’s daughter-in-law’s cousin’s basketball coach’s wife’s hairdresser that WWE has offered Taylor Swift $11 million to make those same 3 appearances. Word is, they’re hoping to sign both so they can meet at “Hell in a Cell”! Also, if it doesn’t happen, they’ll just hire two look-a-likes to fight and cash in on some very cheap and cheesy publicity (see: Trump/O’Donnell confrontation on Raw).

  • Chris E

    It would have been great during the time of “Dr. D” David Schultz, and Shultz could have pulled a shoot and broke the little twat in two. Maybe he is being offered up as the Undertakers’ retirement present. I like the idea of a botched tombstone on West.

  • emerson

    I would take this “news” very lightly because this particular website is known for spreading misinformation and straight making up of storys, I really doubt this is true.