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Rumor on the Third WWE Superstar to Fail a Recent WWE Wellness Test

– It was reported a few weeks back that three WWE Superstars had failed WWE Wellness tests this year. One was Randy Orton, who has been suspended for 60 days. The other was reported by SuperLuchas Magazine to be Cody Rhodes. Rhodes appeared to be taking time off but word came out that he wasn’t suspended because he provided a valid prescription for the drug he was taking.

Take this as a rumor until it’s confirmed by another source but SuperLuchas now reports the third WWE Superstar to fail the Wellness Policy was Ezekiel Jackson.

Jackson reportedly tested positive for high levels of synthetic testosterone. Jackson reportedly provided a legal prescription and was not suspended for violating the WWE Wellness Policy. Again, take this as a rumor until confirmed by another source.

  • chronoxiong

    Ok seriously, when is it going to be revealed as Mason Ryan?

  • kevbot
  • Devil_Rising

    Gee. “Zeke” on roids? SAY it ain’t so.

  • xXx

    big zeke? gee, i wonder..

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously


    Compare Chris Masters when he was on roids vs when he stopped, and you will see why they need them to maintain their physique

  • Maxwell

    ^Once you start using steriods, not only are the sometimes very addictting, and controling (telling your brain you need more), but they are also a drug that causes loose muscle and skin, the muscle look starts to lose its muscle view, and skin and fat and or muscle starts to hang like access skin, and to re do, you obv need steriods.

  • Matt

    I don’t get why a man as large as Ezekiel Jackson needs steroids to maintain their look. If they’ve used the stuff to get huge, do they need it to maintain? And if you have a steady income, you can find any doctor to write you for any drug you need as long as you either really need it or can really lie about it well. You’ll find it won’t be hard to find a Doctor who isn’t attracted to the idea of treating a WWE superstar and discretion slides when you are dealing with an athlete and atheletic/career related issues.

  • scooter

    Big zekes on steroids NEVER. next thing you’ll tell me Batista and the ultimate warrior were juicing.

  • Maxwell

    Not like it matters, its a superstar whos never on T.V

  • Tyler(:

    SYM you try way too hard to be funny dude.

  • SYM

    Zeke has not wrestled since king of the ring, why are they saying this story talk about the miz or dolph they should be champs maybe ecw or tag team

  • bb

    damn, wrestlers addict drugs wow….

  • CC

    As Mark said, the fact that he, like Rhodes, provided a genuine prescription to explain it, means the rumours are worthless and its not news. Orton has made excuses, but has not provided any proof … thats the difference between news and pointless waffle.

  • mark

    so what he proved that he had to take it so now breach

  • ant

    i would believe it was ezekiel jackson honestly