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Rumor on Recent WWE Suspensions, Talk Regarding WWE Talents Smoking Pot

– As noted before, Heath Slater has been suspended for 30 days after violating the WWE Wellness Policy.

We don’t know yet if this was the reason he was suspended, but talk among some of the wrestlers is that several people have failed the test for synthetic marijuana, or “spice”, over the past few months.

The belief is that people are failing tests for the fake marijuana so it’s causing some of the talents to go back to smoking real marijuana. Testing positive for real marijuana just gets you a $2,500 fine with no suspension.


  • Zach D

    @ Ho Lee Schitt

    Im not saying being an alcoholic is good, but its way better than being a fucking pothead burnout lowlife

  • Ho Lee Schitt

    @venom better than being a bunch of alcoholics

  • Teran

    I tell dat betch Moolah. You don like my merevana? Get de FAK OUTTA CAR

  • proudenglishman

    what you all sayin i have to be blitzed nowdays to watch wwe……

  • venom

    What a bunch of potheads.

  • Gary

    i agree, had a friend with a healthy heart smoke K2 and died 1 hr later with heart failure

  • BlaH

    leave that K2 alone ppl
    real talk

  • mad dog

    i was a spice smoker till they banned it a couple weeks ago in ohio. nothing wrong with smoking it. its the morons that eat it, thinking its the exact same thing as weed, that led to the nationwide outcry to make it illegal. thanks alot assholes.