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Rumored Names for the WWE HOF, News on MSG Hosting the Ceremony

– As noted before, the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony will take place on April 6th from Madison Square Garden in New York City. There was some red tape WWE had to cut through because they made a deal with the state of New Jersey. All WrestleMania activities were supposed to take place in the East Rutherford, New Jersey area.

WWE wanted Bruno Sammartino for the 2013 Hall of Fame but that doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Some names rumored for next year’s class would be Mick Foley, Kevin Nash and Bob Backlund.

WWE may make another play for The Ultimate Warrior also. People who have talked with Warrior believe he would be open to it but add that Warrior is almost impossible to do business with and it would be a big risk on WWE’s end because he could agree to be inducted and then change his mind.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • no & then!

    I’m thinking macho man, miss Elizabeth, the nasty boys, Vader, Mick Foley & Brian pillman. The undertaker probably will be inducted at wrestlemania xxx, otherwise I’d throw him in the list.

  • Devil_Rising

    Macho Man Randy Savage absolutely needs to be in the HoF. For him not to be already, or for him not to have been inducted while he was still alive, is a crime.

    Ultimate Warrior doesn’t DESERVE to be in the HOF. Being a former world champion doesn’t guarantee you a spot. And being quite possibly the single biggest douchebag in the history of the business, is a very compelling reason for him NEVER to be inducted.

  • scooter

    Randy Savage – self explainatory.

    Demolition – They were the shit nuff said.

    Miss Elizabeth – Paved the way for women in wrestling and played a big part in Macho mans success.

    Davey Boy Smith – Was very very over at one point doesn’t get enough credit through being in Owen and Brets shadows sadly.

    Andy Kauffman – If you insist on having a celeberity wing then please at least induct the man who helped put the wrestling business on the map!

  • voise of reason

    @ little jimmy yes & no, no for booker on his own but yes for booker & his brother together as harlem heat.

  • nikki

    Brooklyn Brawler

  • Eve’s left nipple

    Dean Malenko, Nuff said.

  • Little Jimmy

    Booker T for HOF! Aww shucky Ducky QUACK QUACK!

  • Robinson

    Theu need to induct ddp imo

  • Miamiheat4life

    who the hell cares about mick foley, bob backlund and bruno something barf! this is the cena nation era!! yes! yes! yes!

  • Eric Millan

    Hall of Fame of 2013: N.W.O., Jim Johnston, Theodore Long, Mick Foley, Owen Hart, and yeah I don’t care what anyone else say Michael Cole

  • phoenix

    Oh when they put undertaker in the HOF he will probably be the only one inducted that year. They will make a huge deal about it that’s for sure.

  • Alan Wake

    I’m all for Mick Foley and Bob Backlund in the HOF, Wouldn’t mind Warrior. Nash should go in with Hall and Hogan as the original NWO

  • TomC

    At this point, UNDERTAKER should be inducted. I mean, does a wrestler HAVE TO BE retired to be inducted? Also, it would be a great additional promotion and even further character enhancement to have a CURRENT HOF’er still on the active roster (for as much as Undertaker is still “active,” that is)

  • mabry

    I like the idea of the Ultimate Warrior in the HOF, sure he wasnt very skilled, but hes intensity made him big… besides, hes the only one that sidelined Hogan for some time (and savage i guess) and actually defeated him… thats relevant enough… but i wouldnt do business with him at all, hes a nut job, and you never know what he could pull off… he is too insane to trust him at all!!!….

  • False Idol

    There has to be someone else other than The Ultimate Warrior and Kevin Nash. Nash, well he just had the kliq behind him and the Ultimate warrior, well he wasn’t that good in the ring. Like the idea of Bob Backlund and Mick Foley. There are some other names out there which could surely be put in…

  • Logan

    Like every year I wanna see Macho Man and Owen Hart (damn near impossible unfortunately)

  • TR

    How about Demolition ?

  • SuperCena < Divorce Papers

    Foley would be the best choice since he’s a local to the area (somewhat local).

  • Unique

    Initiate Nash hate… 3….2……1……