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Rumored Partners for Jeff Jarrett, Dixie Carter Talks About Changes, Attendance Update, More

– In the video below, Dixie Carter talks about changes coming to TNA:

– The latest TNA Podcast features Rockstar Spud:

– The Bro Mans will be the special guests on TNA’s InterActive Second Screen Experience this Thursday night.

– PWInsider reports that TNA’s weekend attendance figures were 600 in Mobile, Alabama, 1,500 in Dothan, Alabama and 1,000 in Albany, Georgia. Multiple reports from fans in attendance at all three shows this weekend said otherwise.

– Jeff Jarrett has reportedly met with a lot of different potential partners for his new wrestling project and is said to be “blown away” by how many people are interested in joining him. Regardless of what Konnan recently said, there is no timetable in place for an official announcement from Jarrett. There are rumors of Toby Keith and Hermie Sadler being involved.

  • Jason Lentini

    Thats J E double F J A double R E double T slapnuts lol.

    That being said I do hope Jeff and company end up buying TNA and making it a very viable option to WWE. WWE isnt challenged anymore due to the lack of competition and it shows in their storylines. Yes it was the “Attitude Era” that changed things but that “era” also included “The Monday Night Wars” where they were not only challenged heavily but what was it for 83 weeks WCW stomped them in the ratings. When Vince became a monopoly he ruined it for wrestling fans. WWE truly NEEDS competition again hence we need something like we had then the big 3 or 4. WWF/WCW/AWA/USWA. Obviously WWE owns those names but people can get the point. I guess the “big” ones now are WWE, TNA, & ROH but in reality unfortunately its only WWE.

    Also it would be a great thing if there was a return of indies as well instead of just farm leauges by TNA & WWE respectively.

  • mikhailhoti

    I swear if CM Punk does leave WWE in July. If the rumors are true. Double J invest in him!. That’ll automatically beat TNA.

  • Elvis Dolinski

    Doesn’t it seem like there is a “Major Announcement” every two weeks, or a “Major Change” in TNA for the last I don’t know for the past 3 years and its something stupid like Dixie changed her car insurance from Geico to Progressive despite her sponsor company Direct, FML

  • Solid

    “Dixie Carter talks about changes coming to TNA”

    Yeah, bankruptcy.

  • CC

    See these attendance figures I dont believe. Not just the PWInsider ones, but the fan reported ones as well.
    They were obviously low, as shown by photos, but I dont believe any fan made an accurate head count, and box office figures are rarely genuine (WWE has fudged their WM ticket sales for years now). More than likely its somewhere inbetween. That said, 600, 1500 and 1000 is hardly something to be proud of.

  • CC

    Or, wouldnt it be quite humourous if JJ put together a consortium and bought TNA?

  • Will Henderson

    Toby Keith Gets wrestling, former NASCAR driver and current Fox Sports NASCAR personality Hermie Sadler gets it too, even ex TNA and WCW wrestler and current AAA wrestler Konnan gets it. meanwhile Dixie doesn’t really get the business side of Wrestling. hope Jeff Jarrett’s plans on building a new replacement for the soon to die out TNA will be better then the original Jeff Jarrett founded TNA was.