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Rumored Name for the WWE Hall of Fame, Nick Show Interested In Kelly Kelly, Comic-Con

– The producers of Nickelodeon’s Big Time Rush are interested in having Kelly Kelly appear in an upcoming episode. Kelly wrote on Twitter that it would be an honor.

– WWE Superstars appearing with Mattel at the San Diego Comic Con today include Daniel Bryan, Alicia Fox and Arn Anderson. They will be at the Mattel booth from 11am until 12pm.

– “The Brooklyn Brawler” Steve Lombardi is the latest name rumored for the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame. Lombardi has worked for WWE in various roles since 1983. Regarding the location for the 2013 ceremony, Madison Square Garden in New York City is being rumored.

  • Devil_Rising

    I’m really wondering just what they’re going to do for WMXXX.

    Are they going to have WM in “NY” two years in a row?

    Or more likely, are they going to break with tradition (like they do with everything else), and for the first time ever NOT have a tenth year anniversary WM at MSG?

    If so…………….I think I’m just done at that point.

  • Stevie P

    It’s not about “getting embarrassed”, it’s putting the talent over and making them look good. That’s the whole point of a jobber. You are paid to make the other guy look like a star. I think the people who did that well deserve to be in a HoF for sure.

  • Hank

    Jobbers in the HOF, what the hell? It’s supposed to be Hall of FAME. You shouldn’t get in for spending your career getting embarassed.

  • Paul E Not-so-Dangerously

    Isn’t SD already in the HOF?

  • BlaH

    If your gonna put Jobbers in u cant forget about S.D. (Special Delivery) Jones.
    He made alot of guys in the 80’s look good.

  • nikki

    the brooklyn brawler deserves it for all his years of hard work for the wwf/e he might have been a jobber but he did have some classic matches

  • Stevie P

    The people who say “Oh this guy can’t go in before Savage or Owen, F U Vince!” are completely mis-informed. Savage’s own wish was to go in with him, his brother and his dad (which they should cause it’s deserved IMO). Owen’s wife won’t let WWE even mention his name so that’s out as well. It’s not like they don’t want them in the HoF, sometimes things are just out of their hands.

    Good for the Brooklyn Brawler, enjoyed him as a wrestler. As for jobbers, there should be a special wing. Joining Brawler should be Repo Man, Duane Gill, Horowitz and Mike Sharpe for my first inductions.

  • “Bad Man” Bigelow


    I agree and add Demolition, Bigelow, Bulldog, and Backlund to that list. Excluding Savage, Bruno, and Owen since it doesn’t appear they’ll be going in anytime soon.

  • ##

    Brawler made a LOT of people look good in his career. It’s about damn time he gets in WWE’s HOF. IDK if he’s in any of the credible HOF’s but he should be.

  • yofits

    HOF in MSG? NO! WM30 should be in MSG

    fucking Vince RUINING EVERYTHING!

  • Hunter

    Agree Sammo – it’s not a joke that Lombardi would be inducted, it would be fully deserved. He is a true cult hero.

    Will always remember Brawler vs HBK.

  • Jimbo

    No Jake the Snake, no Rick Rude……

  • JDC

    Macho Man is not in the HoF, because of both his own wish, and his family.. Neither wishes/wished him to enter without Lanny and Angelo..

  • Sammo

    Steve Lombardi totally deserves a Hall of Fame induction after all he’s given to the WWE over the last three decades – both in the ring and (mostly) behind the scenes.

    Just because Lombardi might get there before Randy Savage, it shouldn’t be seen as a snub. There has to be a balance with each class of inductees. Macho Man’s time will come – possibly as a headliner.

  • jt

    another idiotic statement from benoit

  • chris benoit

    jim ross went ina nd he neevr won a world title in his life so what diffince does it make he braler gets in ?

  • good

    Brawler that would be a joke

  • SYM

    The Jobber Brooklyn Brawler, but no Macho Man? What has the World Come to?