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More on the Rumors of Brock Lesnar Returning to UFC, WWE’s Top Mic Moments of 2013

– WWE’s website has published a list of the 10 best mic moments of 2013. Here are the top 3:

#3 “Your arms are just too short to box with God.” (CM Punk’s promo at The Rock)

#2 “I have saved your Divas division. I have shattered glass ceilings.” (AJ Lee’s pipebomb)

#1 “Baby, I’m coming home!” (Mark Henry’s fake retirement)

– Regarding rumors of Brock Lesnar returning to UFC, there is a claim that he somehow got a deal with WWE that would allow him to do a fight with UFC.

This claim is being denied by many in WWE but other people close to Lesnar insist it’s true.

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  • nobody

    Come on, he don’t wanna do that…

    To be fair, he was a beast before his disease ruined him. Even sick, he withstood a serious beating from Shane Carwin, and was on his way to a 5 round bell to bell beatdown before Cain threw a knee and folded him over like a bag of wet socks.

    Wouldn’t it have been awesome if Cain never threw that knee and just proceeded to pummel him all over the cage until Brock taps to strikes or gets fully KO’d? Come on… You know the answer was yes.

    And, if he had stayed in the UFC, we would have got to see him get murdered by JDS and Bigfoot Silva, before finally getting “moved down” to guys like Steruve, Schuab, Mitrione, Nelson, Hunt, and any of those would have been good, fair fights.

    He knew his time was over. His mistake was Affluenza. He decided his wealth and authority “I own the place” was the law of the gym, so he padded himself from ever being hit hard during training. He probably took a few hits and decided to never let himself be uncomfortable again. Anyone who would accidentally hit him probably got punished for it. He was never really prepared to get hit hard and often. He was able to take it well, but he had zero game to protect himself.

    He had a pretty good run in MMA, and if WWE were smart, they would hire Frank Mir to interfere in a Brock match and KO him or something.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Let him go back to UFC and get his ass kicked again!