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Rumors on Current Dragon Gate USA Champion Johnny Gargano Leaving for WWE

– Rumors hit Twitter and wrestling message boards this weekend saying that top Dragon Gate USA star Johnny Gargano is on his way out of the company before this month is over. Gargano is scheduled to defend his Open the Freedom Gate Title at the July 27th DGUSA show in Michigan and the rumor is that he will drop the title then to Akira Tozawa.

The speculation is that Gargano will sign with WWE and be sent to their FCW developmental territory. He had a tryout with WWE last year that went well.

Gargano has been on WWE’s radar for some time now. WWE was interested in signing a handful of DGUSA wrestlers – Sami Callihan, Brodie Lee and Gargano. Lee is currently wrestling in FCW as Luke Harper.

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  • JIR

    @Devil_Rising i agree with all your points everyone needs to understand that stars that shine the brightest MADE themselves not to say others didn’t try but the cream always rises to the top

  • Devil_Rising

    @Stevie P

    Yeah, because WWE gives guys so many balls to run with so often, right?

    Forgive me, but I just can’t seem to help having a working memory. For every Punk and Danielson there has been, there has also been a Rhyno, a Raven, a Taz, a Low Ki, a Lance Storm, a Tyson Kidd (up until right now, we’ll see how long this “push” lasts), a Colt Cabana, a Jerry Lynn, a Chris Harris, a Shannon Moore, an Ultimo Dragon (I MEAN REALLY), etc. etc. etc.

    You’re right, Punk and Danielson DID work hard and “make themselves”, but it’s a rare case in the WWE for guys like them to even get enough screen time or mic time to “make themselves”. Low Ki is one of the best wrestlers I’ve ever seen, one of the most interesting in-ring styles I’ve ever seen, and yet look what happened with Kaval? He wound up asking for his own release because of that bullshit. What was he supposed to do, stick around, being a “jobber to the stars” for a few years, before they finally got around to “best endeavoring” him anyway?

    And don’t even get me started with the likes of Raven, Taz or Ultimo Dragon. Two of those guys were huge stars in other major promotions. Raven could have been one of the top heels in WWE, and been successful at it, easily. Taz could have been a huge babyface champion, but they did nothing with him, despite the huge reaction he got during that ECW vs. WWF Champ match against HHH. And Ultimo? He’s arguably the single best cruiserweight wrestler of all time, that includes Rey Mysterio Jr., and they did almost nothing with him. That is ridiculous. He should have been the highlight of their CW division, at the very least, and another big feud between he and Mysterio would have been big money. But that’s Vince for you.


    So you’re saying it’s better to get a “big paycheck” (which not all lower or even midcard WWE guys even get), and go absolutely nowhere in your career, than to make a real name for yourself and have great matches in smaller promotions? I think most wrestlers would strongly disagree with you, John Cena included. Do you really think Cena would have been satisfied to be the next Brooklyn Brawler, if that’s what WWE had decided to do with him? Do you think he’d have stuck around for years, let alone still be around now, if WWE had never bothered giving him any real opportunities? Please.

    It’s perfectly understandable to want to make it to “The Top Promotion”. Most of these guys and gals grew up watching WWF, and it’s understandable that they have dreams of working Wrestlemania and being a huge star. But do you have any idea how many guys have voluntarily quit WWE, for the specific reason that they didn’t just want to be a jobber, or not even be featured on TV at all? Believe or not, while money is important, to some people, it’s not everything. Some people actually want to really show what they can do and fully utilize their talents. Not everyone is happy “just to have a spot”.

  • yofits

    I wanna see Undertaker vs Tensai at Wrestlemania.

  • Loose Cannon

    Johnny Gargano is a big deal, I’ve been a fan for a long time, hopefully wwe keeps his name and can be a big player for wwe if used right….I would like to see him compete with punk & daniel brian….if only wwe sees that….

  • scooter

    @devil rising
    it must suck balls to be jobbed out and make more money than you ever made on the indys.

  • Stevie P


    So what you’re say is, if you’re going to get the chance to join the biggest company where you can get your name out and have the potential to be somebody, you’re going to turn it down because you MIGHT not make it? Doesn’t make very much sense.

    Guys like Punk and Danielson made themselves. Just wait until you see Dean Ambrose, he was in the indies and I see nothing but great things from him. If you don’t help yourself and expect the WWE to do things for you, you’re more than likely going to fail. But if you help yourself and run with the ball that WWE is giving you, you can do bigger and better things than the indies.

  • Dave

    True. But Punk and Danielson show that if he captures the fans imagination, he could be pushed to the stars.

  • Devil_Rising

    Yes, by all means. So he can go to FCW, be given some retarded new name, and “maybe” brought up to the main roster with a new gimmick and some squash matches, before being forgotten. Hope not….but that seems to happen a lot. Just look at Low Ki.

    Not everyone is as fortunate as Punk and Bryanson.