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Rumors on Ric Flair Working with WWE Again in the Future

– There is a lot of talk going around the wrestling world that Ric Flair will be back with WWE in 2013, especially if the Network gets off the ground since a lot of his footage will be used and he’s very popular with the public.

Flair’s deal with TNA expires at the end of this year.

Flair did an interview for a Charlotte radio station earlier this week where he claimed his last wrestling match was the retirement match against Shawn Michaels. He also talked highly of Vince McMahon and The Rock.


  • Vic

    I think Ric Flair would be a perfect manager for Dolph Ziggler. I think it would really help him get over more and elevate him to main event status.

  • Anh

    Did he say he still had so much to give for TNA recently ??

  • Gorilla

    So all your tna matches where a figment of spike tvs imagination ….you had chance go out with pride but your old ass couldn’t stay away oh well you got two hall of fame rings so WOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • heyfit

    Flair vs HHH with HBK as the ref at WM next year in addition to taker-lesnar, punk-bryan, rock-orton and cena-austin

  • chronoxiong

    I meant, his employment in TNA happens in an alternate universe.

  • chronoxiong

    According to Flair, his employment happens in an alternate universe.

  • adam

    Wait were’s jason to say no no body would ever leave tna they are the greatest company to work for its lies. No one wants to leave us.

  • josh

    Maybe put him on commentary?

  • Bawb

    He should be in WWE, but as a personality, like a manager or GM role. No more wrestling. If he wrestles, he must wear a shirt.

  • dlb

    good get him out of tna, he is just a waste of space and money there. not that wwe can afford to waste more space than they already do but at least they have more expendable cash.

  • Pyro

    I’d like to see him back, just because it’s about time we had another WWE game with Flair in it, it’s been too long.

  • xXx

    what? flair rumors? batista rumors? hunter disappearing for a while? i smell evolution v2

  • Buttercastle

    Why doesn’t he just retire? For the third time? He hasn’t done anything productive in the last decade. It seems like all the big time names from the past think they can ride out their legacy until the day they die. I respect that they were stars back in their day, but their day has come and gone a long long time ago. Now they bring everyone down or hold actual talent back, and do nothing but become a complete embarrassment to whatever they are associated with.

    What I’m afraid of is if they do infact rehire him he will think he deserves to be on tv every night. I’m sorry but I never found him or Hogan entertaining.

  • Nicholas

    This is why it was a bad idea for TNA to let Ric Flair go to the Hall of Fame. You see they talk to Ric telling him how they have work for him in a non wrestling way now he wants to go back to the WWE. What was TNA thinking on letting Ric go to the Hall I have no idea. They are not sueing doing nothing just let these old Wwe guys do what they want. Which is why TNa is such a mess.

  • Jeff Miles

    I have always loved him, but he’s sooo done. Way too old, he mumbles, hair is falling out, he’s simply over. Please, please, please, no more Flair…

  • Dave

    Just as long as he doesn’t show his saggy moobs and wrinkly arse cheeks. I don’t need that on my telly.