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Rumoured names for Hall Of Fame 2018

Prior to the confirmation of Vince McMahon investing in a football league by Dave Meltzer from Wrestling Observer, a Twitter account had broken the news.

The same Twitter account has now posted a new scoop about the names which according to him are confirmed for the 2018 Class Of WWE Hall Of Fame:

The names which he has mentioned include the former Universal Champion Goldberg, who is expected to headline it along with Bam Bam Bigelow, Ivory, Dudley Boyz and Kid Rock.

Since Goldberg had a great run with WWE earlier this year and he is in good terms with the company it wouldn’t be a surprise if he does end up headlining the show.

Though nothing is confirmed at this point and we’ll have to wait for a credible source to confirm these rumored names for being inducted in the Hall Of Fame.

  • CC

    There has always been a celebrity “wing” going back as far as Pete Rose.
    Why do people suddenly act all surprised when a celebrity is announced for the celebrity wing?

  • CC

    He also did Stacy Keiblers theme (a re-recording of ZZ Top Legs).

  • Kristopher Robinson

    The musician. The HOF is becoming ridiculous.

  • Shane

    Kid Rock who?

  • MrDr3w

    He’s contributed a lot to the company in terms of music. He did “American Bada**” and he’s done a bunch of PPV themes. If that’s the reason, then a lot of other names deserve to be in there too (i.e. Motörhead). Maybe he was just the easiest to get.

  • Sparti Love

    Good list but inducting Goldberg before Vader is BS! Vader should be in already!

    As for Kid Rock.. how does he fit in the celebrity wing? I don’t recall him doing anything.

  • unknown183

    Right, because Kid Rock was one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time and was so influential to other up and coming from around the world. What a joke.