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Rumours on Undertaker’s future


The Undertaker is scheduled to make his WWE return during the Raw 25th Anniversary episode next month and even though he is seemingly retired, people still believe he would be there for more than just an appearance.

These speculations have now been fuelled by a report from which says that Taker might not be appearing at the upcoming show causally.

According to the site, there has been feeling among many people backstage that the Last Outlaw has one more match left in him and one source has went on and told them “Taker is not going to appear on that show (22th January Raw) just to wave and say hello. I’ll leave it at that.”

Given this and the fact that the former Champion has been seen in good shape recently, many believe that he is not done just yet and his appearance might just be a setup for a future match, presumably at Mania

Though currently it’s hard to make anything out of this report and it’s very much possible that the Dead Man may just show up at the event, cut a promo, chokeslam a guy or two and then return to his retirement swiftly.

Again, at this point, we neither confirm nor deny any rumors about Taker’s upcoming appearance though we’ll keep you posted if any more details regarding it come to life.

  • Valentin Nissael Luzon

    Sting at mania

  • HBK

    Agreed, I’d like him to do something with Kane maybe one more match at mania as brothers of destruction vs some hungry up and coming team maybe the buldgen brothers??

  • Kenneth Taylor

    He can take on Brock and Reigns, elimination style and go out with a win over his only 2 defeats

  • Will Henderson

    if he’s not fully retired, maybe he’s retired the “Deadman” gimmick and will return as the “American Bad Ass” Undertaker from early 2000s.

  • MrDr3w

    The only one left would be Cena or Strowman. I’d say Cena, but I agree. The guy’s done. He needs to stay retired.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I hope not. He’s retired, no need to possibly cause further damage to his body over nothing.

  • pitfallharry219

    I’d like to see he and Kane go out together, whether facing each other or as a team. It seems fitting.

  • oppa

    Who would he even face at this point?