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Russo & Hogan Engage In Heated Argument, Wrestlers Upset With Bischoff

TNA Wrestling head writer Vince Russo and Hulk Hogan engaged in a heated argument last Sunday at Hardcore Justice regarding the finish to the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Sting and Kurt Angle. Hogan later grumbled to colleagues that Russo doesn’t know anything because he was never a wrestler.

The two former World Heavyweight Champions made up at the following day’s Impact Wrestling tapings. There was, however, noticeable tension among the organization’s high ranking officials in the days that followed. Several employees feel it did more damage to a locker room already low in morale.

There has also been internal complaints regarding Eric Bischoff as many wrestlers feel he’s arrogant and snobbish. His criticisms over in-ring performances fall on deaf ears because some wrestlers don’t respect his opinion regarding their craft. An Eight-Man X Division Gauntlet Match that was originally taped on Tuesday was re-shot the following day because Bischoff didn’t like it.


  • jay are

    tna was a good wrestling company until dixie carter brought in dump hogan and his gay friend eric bitchoff! i would say to get rid of these losers who killed wcw before they kill tna. tna has very good talent but the only thing we see is hogan and bitchoff having their way. if tna wants to get on the map and really compete with wwe, they must get rid of those 2 flakes. i saw tna before and it was more exciting than now. vince russo must go and bring in some new writers with new ideas not copy old storylines from the past wcw and wwe shows.


    Drop that knowledge @Devil_Rising!!! Drop that Knowledge!!!!

  • venom

    Oldman Hogan and Fatt Hardy for TNA Hall of Shame 2012.

  • adam

    This was most likely the argument
    HOgan— I want to be in the title match im not on tv enough give me the belt.
    Russo- Right now this match is set you will have the title soon believe me
    Hogan- But im not on tv nearly enough i mean last impact there was 10 minutes when i wasnt on screen this can’t happen anymore.
    Russo- I completly agree dont worry we are going to bury samoa joe take him off tv along with some others and change the name to Hulk Hogan variety showcase.

  • Dave

    Who decided it was a good idea to bring on the WCW management team circa 2000 anyway?

  • Devil_Rising

    To be fair, Bischoff was not involved/responsible for WCW “failing”. In fact he tried to save it. They sent him home, and hired Russo as the head creative guy. Russo and the veterans who refused to let new stars shine till it was too late are the ones responsible for destroying WCW, along with people from Turner not knowing or caring a damned thing about wrestling. Eric Bischoff was actually responsible for the ONLY real success WCW as an entity ever had. If it hadn’t been for his initial brash decisions and creative ideas, they never would have been serious competition for WWF. The brass sent Bischoff home, and let Russo and Co. ruin things. Then they brought Eric back when the company was in it’s death throes, but it was too late by then.

    The product was already ruined, and Turner was sold to Time/Warner, and they didn’t want Wrasslin’ on their networks anymore. Bischoff even tried to buy the company, to save it and give it a fresh start, but he couldn’t find anyone, Turner included, to give him TV time, so the sale would have been useless. Then WWF swooped in and bought the assets and SOME of the wrestler contacts on the cheap.

    Just saying, Bischoff didn’t kill WCW. Russo is and always has been a joke. Even his WWF “ideas” were, when you look back on them now, pretty terrible. Dixie made a huge mistake re-hiring Russo (or ever hiring him in the first place), and another one letting Hogan come in and call any shots. They should have hired Paul Heyman.

  • zebra hunter

    It all went downhill after Scott hall left 🙂

  • Matt


    Yeah, wrestling for more than two decades full time and one decade part time doesn’t make you a wrestler. Just because you don’t like Hogan or the way he wrestle doesn’t give you the right to deny that the man is a freaking wrestler.

  • UTA

    TNA are going to be deeper in the grave within six months when many of the top talents contracts come up for renewal with Joe already looking towards the exit door and with Beer Money following suit there are some dark days ahead for TNA

    2002 – 2012

  • MrDr3w

    Vince should just buy them out and put an end to it already.

  • grizz

    The three of them suck, TNA should fire them and get back to wrestling.

  • CC

    Oh and “Hogan later grumbled to colleagues that Russo doesn’t know anything because he was never a wrestler. ”
    And neither was Hogan.

  • CC

    I glanced at the title, and thought it said Hogan and Russo engaged.
    Funny thing is though, that would explain a lot of things.

  • nick

    I don’t blame Hulk. Another Russo swerve came about.

  • adam62

    TNA needs to get rid of the 3 old dumb asses that destroyed wcw already they have brought TNA down from the moment they walked in the door

  • Paton

    and Hogan is 15 years in the past so between the both of them they manage to make a worse show each and ever yweek