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RVD Comments on TNA Contract Status in New Audio Statement

Rob Van Damn published on audio statement on noting that his contract with TNA Wrestling has expired last week, confirming our earlier report. Here is a quote from the statement.

“Of course, I have been reading a lot of tweets concerning my contract as of late with TNA. Questions such as, ‘Is it true your contract is up?’, ‘Has your contract expired?’, ‘Are you re-signing with TNA?’,’Are you joining WWE?’,’What’s the deal?’ I appreciate all of the questions and I’m happy you brought it up, happy to address it – just not right now. I plead the Fifth due to the grounds that it may be detrimental to my ongoing business affairs. Thank you for understanding and very soon, we’ll talk about just that.”

Embedded below is the audio from the statement.

  • Johhny

    Yea i hear ya,i wouldn’t doubt it tho,he could pop up either at wrestlemania or the raw after.Being as he is keeping it quiet it makes one wonder

  • Sean Kaboni

    true,but with swaggers recent stunt and nothing happening to him, as of yet anyway. whats the wwe motto? anything can happen, and usually does…might not be there motto but they do say it quite often

  • Timothy Davis

    He deserves one last Wrestlemania at least, before he hangs it up.

  • Johhny

    doubt it he cannot pass the drug test

  • Nick

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him back in WWE if that means he’ll start putting in more effort to his matches and putting on better performances then he has been in his TNA run. Seems like he doesn’t really care about going out there and putting on a good match anymore. I can tell he’s still a good wrestler, just doesn’t have that same desire and passion to go out there and show it. Maybe because he feels like a big league star in a minor leagues company, so he doesn’t care about putting on the best matches unless it’s on a big stage for big money like WWE. Who knows. Or he might just be burnt out. But I def wouldn’t mind seeing a RVD vs Punk feud or RVD vs Bryan or RVD vs Ziggler. Any of those matches would be great.

  • Sean Kaboni

    wwe bound!?