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RVD Reveals When His Contract Expires – What Will He Do Then?

– TNA wrestler Rob Van Dam recently appeared on Joe McDonnell Uncensored and confirmed that his TNA contract expires in March 2013. RVD talked about his future:

“I walked away from every wrestling company I’ve ever worked for, except for one. When I first started out, the first territory I did in the summer of ’91 was USWA. It was the Jarretts’. So when my contract runs out with TNA, who even knows if Jeff is one of the bosses anymore, it’s so confusing. But if he is and it’s their decision, if they say, ‘Thanks, we enjoyed it’ and we walk off, it’ll be like the only two times in my career (that’s happened). Every other time meaning WWE twice, ECW, WCW, All Japan, everywhere – I’ve always been like, ‘All right I’ve had enough.’ I felt like I knew when it was time to go. I never had any regrets.”

“Right now this could actually be my last gig, I don’t know. When my deal’s up (in March), I don’t even know what I want. People are asking, ‘Oh, are you going to WWE?’ I honestly don’t know what I want to happen. I’m more of go with the flow, let’s see what happens. Anyway, it’s possible that when it’s up that I could maybe not even sign another full-time deal, who knows. It’s possible, which would make this my last full-time gig.”

  • Devil_Rising

    @kingablert (nice misspelling by the way)

    You seem to be one of many faceless millions on the internet who quite simply needs to get a clue. Why did they “let him go in the first place”? Did you MISS the part about how they DIDN’T let him go? They offered him a new contract, in fact they wanted him to sign, badly. Why, because he was a popular STAR, and sold lots of MERCHANDISE, like I just said. Or didn’t you bother reading?

    RVD let his contract expire because he was tired of working for WWE, tired of being on the road all the time, and tired of the backstage BS. I’m sure it didn’t help that he personally had a lot emotionally invested into the ECW brand working out, and Vince sabatoged it at every turn, instead of just letting Heyman do his thing and have it be it’s own “separate” entity. It could have and WOULD have been a success, had that been the case. But Vince is a control freak, and can’t stand to NOT mess with something he has any kind of say over. Which is why the ECW brand started out VERY hot, and then nose-dived after a month or so, and was totally shit by the time Vince purposefully ruined their first and only brand PPV.

    Or don’t you remember that? How they had Bobby Lashley win the belt, and later Vince HIMSELF won the belt, and they took ECW’s old stars off the brand, and it all fell to utter crap?

    Bottom line: RVD wouldn’t be in TNA if he weren’t a star. WWE has repeatedly contacted RVD about coming back, and he’s always turned them down. The only reason he signed with TNA, is because they promised light work-schedule, which he has, and big opportunities, which outside of his initial push, he hasn’t had (big surprise). But you’d better believe they’d sign him in a second if he showed interest. They have a lack of “stars” as it is, in their own words, and if they could get guys like Jeff Hardy, Angle, RVD, etc. back, they would. Period.

  • Kingablert

    @ devil rising, if they wanted him they wouldn’t have let him go in the first place, why would they hire him, so Lindas haters and say WWE hired another drug addict?

    he’s too old now, he is way past his prime, he can’t even do his leap frog shit anymore.

  • Devil_Rising


    Don’t be an idiot. Of course they want him. They’ve always wanted him. They never wanted him to leave. If he hadn’t fucked up with the pot arrest thing that happened while he was WWE Champion, he likely would have been pushed as a huge top star, at least for longer than he was. That was the plan when he won the championship. But he messed that up.

    But regardless, it was he who chose not to re-sign with WWE. And to think that they “wouldn’t want him back”, when he’s one of the most popular stars they’ve ever had, one of the most successful, one of the most iconic, and one of the biggest merch sellers, yeah, I’d say they’d jump at the chance to have ol’ RVD back eventually.

    Besides, if nothing else, they need to do a REAL RVD DVD, give him the kind of treatment Punk’s DVD is getting, with an awesome documentary on his career, a LOT more matches, etc. His only other DVD was decent, but it’d be nice for him to get the full treatment.

  • shelton

    the wwe don’t want u

  • PinkSinCara

    I think he should have at least one more match in WWE. But let RVD do it his way, and not the watered down PG style. I know this is asking for too much…