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RVD Takes Veiled Shot at CM Punk Leaving WWE?, Comments on Why He Left TNA and Rejoined WWE

– When joining Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast, Rob Van Dam appeared to take a veiled shot at CM Punk walking out on the company. The comment came when the pair were discussing Rob Van Dam’s WWE departure in 2007 due to burn out:

“I took three years off. When I first left WWE, I was so burned out. I had been burned out for much of my run there. I had been asking for time off, not getting it, getting further burned out,”

“So, when my contract ran out – I’m not one of these guys who walks out in the middle of their contract. Whatever. Everyone handles their business differently. But, I finished the deal. And then I was like, ‘I fulfilled my obligation. I don’t care if I ever step in the ring again.'”

RVD attributed the feeling of burn-out to his decision to join TNA in 2010, which ironically led him back to WWE in 2013, albeit on a part-time basis.

“I had a three-year contract with TNA… My pay and my deal was such that I had a number of matches that I would in a year.”

Van Dam also recalled the company paying him “overtime” at a time when he was waiting for his deal to run out. On negotiating a new deal, TNA called to negotiate but the absence of a starting date became an issue. RVD said management was deferring responsibility on his contract and not calling him back to finish contract talks.

“It got to the point where I was offended… The thing wasn’t happening with TNA.”

On his return to WWE, Van Dam reached out to the company which set in motion his return. On his most recent run, Van Dam put over Alberto Del Rio and Cesaro while commenting there’s “no room for guys who suck” in the company anymore.

On his TNA run, RVD spoke highly about his matches with Samoa Joe, Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, and A.J. Styles.

RVD’s entire interview with Chris Jericho can be heard HERE.

  • mrv072

    RVD is a joke. He was champion back in 2006 (both WWE and ECW Champion) and gets arrested for what I believe was marijuana. He can take a veiled shot at CM Punk about walking out but he showed no responsibility when he was champion. He deserved to lose both those titles and get suspended.

  • CC

    They dont even have the same wrestling style, so I have no idea what you are talking about.
    Plus the fact that RVD started in ECW well before Jeff was in WWE, so who is the real rip off by your logic?
    RVD in ECW = 1996
    Jeff Hardy in WWE = 1998

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Believe me I am not the biggest Punk fan either because to me he just like Bret Hart going to end up the same dam way. Alone and bitter his fans will go the same way. Every time WWE shows up in Chicago now all you will hear is Cm Punk name being chatted. But soon everywhere else they will forget about Punk.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I won’t say RVD is better at all, but just bc Punk work hard doesn’t mean he deserves things that other hard workers due. And the fact that Punk was champion after he almost walked out and put the WWE in the position he did the first time, IMO it kinda ruins his title run.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Sorry never saw RVD as a World champion just my opinion. Punk was a darn good champion other wise he wouldn’t have had one of the longest WWE title run in a long time. I just never seen RVD as a World champion type of wrestler. You may say and think RVD is a better worker but I never seen it. Oh he has had some good matches here and there but Punk was miles ahead of RVD.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Your argument is counterproductive. RVD is just as hard of a worker as Punk is. Punk is a great talent but Punk feels he’s entitled to all these things just bc he says he is. Punk did have a year long run as champion, but check the facts buddy boy, because all of Punks fans did nothing for him. The ratings and ppv buys never boosted when he was champion,. It seems that the only time he is relevant is when he is complaining about what he is not getting. I feel guys like; Christian, Ryder, Barrett, Bryan and many other deserve to be champion because they work just as hard as Punk. I understand that you are a Punk fan, so am I, but the fact is I can’t be a fan of Punk just by him sitting on his couch. RVD has always been “all hype” bc just like guys like Punk and Bryan, nobody will give them a chance at that top spot, but Punk had it and didn’t make gold with it. Even Austin said Punk isn’t the best bc there’s nobody to challenge that and even Sandow stated that winning and losing doesn’t matter, it’s about what you do with the time you are given. RVD makes the best of it, Bryan does too and so does Christian, etc. Punk needs a mentality like guys like RVD and Jericho and just be happy with what he’s given and turn anything he does into a main event, not only wanting to be in the main event.

  • SheikyBaby

    RVD was supposedly set to beat Rhino was the ECW World Title at the following PPV before ECW went bankrupt. So Paul Heyman did have big plans for him it was just a matter of bad timing. If anything I think RVD is underrated. He was arguably the most over face in the company in late 2001/2002. He didn’t get the title at that time strictly for political reasons. It certainly wasn’t due to a lack of being over or his in-ring skills.

  • SheikyBaby

    Well said! Some people can’t think impartially. They’re a diehard fan of a wrestler so they support every decision that wrestler makes even it’s clearly wrong. No, CM Punk had no right to walk out on his contract. And he’s so lucky Vince McMahon seems to be ready to let it slide. A less merciful employer would’ve sued the living s–t out of Punk for breach of contract. And somehow I doubt Punk could’ve formed a counter-arguement of “He wouldn’t let me main event WrestleMania and that’s not fair”. I can’t see that flying in court.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    And the winner for the dumbest comment of this site ever goes to….. You!

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Wtf?! I highly doubt the wwe made promises to make him the main event at WMXXX, the guy got 1 year as Champion and one of the longest reigns ever…. What more does the guy need?! You’re seriously saying that just bc he’s not getting what he wants then he can not only walk out on the WWE but on us as fans?! I’m not saying Punk isn’t deserving of being the top guy. But why does he have to have the title? Why can’t he just be happy with making fans like you and me happy? If Bryan never became champion ever, I wouldn’t stop watching, in fact I watch this show just bc he’s on it, not bc of what’s around his waist. You really need to rethink you priorities if just up and quiting and not trying to talk it out first is a good representation of a professional.

  • TheFizPop

    And you’re irrelevant.

  • DanielsonFan

    You’re fucking stupid.

  • D2K

    He probably was. However Austin’s departure opened up a slot for him to flourish on RAW so it wouldn’t make sense to bash it.

    There is no reason to act as know he is oblivious to the obvious. He was taking a shot at Punk, but it’s not big deal. For weeks people were on RAW and Smackdown talking about how Austin “took his ball and went home” when he left. It’s not different now.

    The only people that know why Phillip Brooks is at home is him, Vince, and the good Lord. Everyone else is just speculating. All we know for sure is that he isn’t on TV right now, he is at home in Chicago, and Vince told his investors that he is “taking a sabbatical.”

    I really don’t see what the problem is. Doesn’t he deserve that? Hasn’t he earned that right to take a breather? When your body says “Stop” you have to STOP. It’s not up to you. Money isn’t everything. I can really to his situation because I recently left a high-paying position because it was causing me mental and physical stress and I also did not agree with the direction of the company. It’s not a big deal. They replacement me just fine and same will be doen with Punk. Him leaving opens the door for someone else to shine. Everything doesn’t have to be a disaster of Biblical proportions. It pays to look at the positives more than the negatives. Maybe this will allow Ziggler or someone else to get more screen time. Maybe WWE can convince Del Rio to stick around longer. The at least have allowed him to go back to the way he was. All he needs is Ricardo announcing for him again.

  • TheFizPop

    RVD was just a Jeff Hardy rip off! A poor one at that, Matt Hardy>RVD even

  • Nice veiled shot of your own. Punk has every right to walk on WWE, if they weren’t fulfilling whatever promises they made to him to get him to re-sign the first time, in the first place. Get real.

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Eurgh! The RVD trolls come out in droves. It’s not hard to get burnt out working for a company that makes you work 300 days a year, also RVD is 5 times more talented than many of the WWEs “top stars” like HHH, Batista & Cena. Only reason he got held back was because HHH was “the guy” way back in 02 & it took him 5 years to get back to the top again

  • RVD didn’t actually take a “veiled shot” at anyone. He just said that he doesn’t do that. He also said different people handle things differently. I suppose he was taking a “veiled shot” at Steve Austin then too? Give me a break. Non-story, non-news.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I dont understand what your talking about…. RVD isn’t comparing himself to Punk, he’s just saying he’s not a crybaby little girl that just walks out on his contractual obligations.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    RVD has always been all hype to me hate to say it. I never was really that impress with RVD. Yes he did help put ECW on the map. But there was a reason why he was never ECW champion when Paul Heyman was running ECW. He was never world champion material. Compare to CM Punk who was an amazing champion. I really have no hard feeling for CM Punk leaving WWE. It was time that both sides move on.

  • TheTruth

    RVD is such a hypocrite. Big RVD fan but COME ON. RVD left cause he couldn’t smoke any weed. Plain and simple. TNA didn’t want to keep him on so he came back to WWE for a bit. I think RVD is over huge – helped put ECW on the map, but he still can’t hold a candle to CM Punk in my opinion.